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Pet bag unlocked 2 pages, yet only 1 page can be used.

christerchrister Posts: 60 Arc User


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I've used the Super cage to unlock the second page of the pet bag, yet only my first page is full and I cannot hatch more pets, receiving the message that my bag is already full while my second page is empty.


  • obielleobielle Posts: 577 Arc User
    To unlock the 2nd page of your pet bag you actually need 2 Super Cages instead of 1 - the first one just gets wasted to "unlock the first 10 slots of your pet bag" which have already been unlocked obviously. Unfortunately you can't get compensation either because they mention this in the quest itself to cover their behinds.

    I may be remembering this part wrong, but I think this happens if you use any other upgrade methods like the pet food or the normal Cage upgrades. I can't remember if this happens if you only use Super Cages to upgrade.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • christerchrister Posts: 60 Arc User
    I unlocked it with a second super cage, from the boutique.
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