M/A Wheat Maze Glitch

demonicplayer Posts: 1 Arc User
Anyone else experienced the maze glitching out on them? It teleports one of your members out of the maze so the game thinks they're still alive, so it doesn't reset, sometimes even when you get all of the wheat, 180/180, it doesn't end or at 90/180 it doesn't spawn the reset points.If the other non glitched members die as well, the game still thinks the glitched member is alive so it doesn't allow you to restart. If you leave and re-enter it still does not reset/ You basically just can't complete it at all.


  • keshsam
    keshsam Posts: 4 Arc User
    I experienced this on my first wheat-flavored Pac-Man run. Haven't tried it since(though hopefully I can get used to the M/A stuff eventually)