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Let's establish an Edgerunner build: discussion

reaperess#1895 reaperess Posts: 6 Arc User
I admit that I've only played the class to level 20, and I freely admit to making mistakes along the way.

It appears that the stat requirements for gear would mean that the ER needs 6 STR/1 Dex per 2 levels, maxing out DEX at 55.

This leaves 3 points to do with what you will.

There is a skill uses HP% directly for 10 seconds of Immunity (I'm on mobile, so please forgive me for not including the Skill name and detailed information).

This seems like a good argument for investing at least some points into VIT, but someone did point out that using Gems to stat gear for HP is probably more efficient. I mostly agree with that.

So that leaves STR as a good place to put those remain points.

Please feel free to respectfully contribute your thoughts and ideas on the topic.


  • boo4uboo4u Posts: 415 Arc User
    i jsut FF it to 52 and used the advice.

  • calico722#3097 calico722 Posts: 4 Arc User
    Where do you get weapons?
  • drhealdrheal Posts: 113 Arc User
    You can get level appropriate weapons and armor from the pink quests, that are the same as the QSM weapons. The last one is g10 and level 85. After that you're looking at Warsoul g16 level 80. Or rank 8, rank 8 recast, rank 8 rerecast. Homstead weapons, the first one costs 20 or so dragonbreath sigils, so that is a week or 2 of homstead quests.

    Choices are more limited than other classes right now for sure for weapons.
  • reaperess#1895 reaperess Posts: 6 Arc User
    Where do you get weapons?


    I wrote a sort of guide for my guild. This also includes which quests give which gear and when.
  • natsurusan93natsurusan93 Posts: 5 Arc User
    Here is what I personally did regarding the stats:

    MAG - obviously don't need it as you're heavy, meele class. Take a note that your magical defense will be very low by not putting anything here, so be careful against magical attacks.

    DEX - looking at the endgame gear stat requirements you can see that you'll need 55 DEX at the maximum. Tip on the side: every 20 DEX increases your crit rate by 1%. You might as well put that 5 extra dex to get to 60 to increase your crit. Up to you.

    STR - most of your points are supposed to go into STR which increases your physical attacks and physical defense. At least 3 every evel, or 6 every two levels.

    VIT - this depends of what kind of player you are. If you are able to afford VIT stones (either you have a main character to make money, or just using real cash), you don't need to add anything into vit, save the points to make yourself stronger by putting all to str. This is called pure STR build.
    However, if you are like me, a non-cash player, or a hobby player, who just wants to play every now and then, not getting into the game that seriously (okay I'll stop)... So! If you cannot afford VIT gems to increase your HP, better put some points into VIT until you are comfortable with your HP. Some say that unless you are going for a tank type, do not overdo it (like, don't put 60-80 points). To be honest, this is personal preference. When I was levelling my char, I was putting 2 DEX, 2 VIT and 6 STR every two levels. I stopped my vit around 40.

    If you can afford VIT stones and lucky with refinements you can get your HP up and save the points for STR.

    Also, if you are not sure, feel free to add to VIT (moderately), and when you reach lv100+, you can reborn (your char will be lv1 again, and your previously allocated points will be free to use again, so you'll have 5 each). Presumably, you'll have some decent gears by lv100+ with good stats, so you won't need to add anything to vit.
  • nunuatornunuator Posts: 391 Arc User
    55 dex rest strength there’s no need for any other points unless u want the 5 extra dex for the 1% crit rate so 60 dex rest str is most optimal tbh and

    with any elemental stance you never miss

    so adding more dex is legitimately pointless all other points are pointless as well +10 vit stones are 15mill each if you can’t afford those and G16 and are playing new toon.... um run away cause there’s no way you’ll get R9 anytime soon

    R8 weapon is a good bet if you aren’t satisfied with the weapon options as you can roll spirit black hole (purge) God of Frenzy, and def lvl weapons

    Also try the genie skill celestial sword while in any stance.... hint it can proc all of the chances aka u can spam drain 5 chi and spam gain 5 chi while trying to purge with an R8 weapon
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