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Reward Calendar?

rozexarozexa Posts: 2 Arc User
so the question is: Will we ever get a Calendar that gives the dates of the Charge and Spend rewards for the month?

I'm not sure about anyone else, but i always save my $ for buying during Charge reward times, but i get so frustrated that PW is the ONLY game company i deal with that doesn't have a Calendar to show when those times are going to be, so that i can plan out my $. showing that calendar doesn't reduce how much people spend, but not showing it just aggravates the players that are twiddling their thumbs, waiting on the charge rewards to start because they never know when or even IF it will happen. You dont need to tell us whats on them, just a simple Calendar stating "hey on Friday the 14th theres gonna be a charge reward". You could even do it as a release for just that month to show what we will have for that month.

(As an example: im ready to drop $ right now, but there is no rewards goin on and i dont even know when the next one will be and all that does is make me want to spend it on the other games i play, because at least there i know what i can get and when. )
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