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Charge Reward 50 gold

fededominofededomino Posts: 164 Arc User
i charged 50 gold , i did not know we got a side reward ingame mail , so the reward end up on wrong character by ingame mail , and cant trade to main , why so restricted that we not can`t trade between character on same account , it make me feel bad , i hope PWI STAFF will fix it and remail / all stuff i got on ingame mail to my main character , could it be that hard to help out for fix trouble for us player , that character i got ingame reward on is only used for a shop , and sell stuff , i was not make attention for we got reward for charge gold , so i hope a GM will came online and solve the mishaps , for the future , when we player charge gold please make sure we can trade between our Character on same Account , i dont see the issue why it not should not be tradeable on same account , so Restricted , until its fixed i wont charge gold , sorry , what i hope is what we got of stuff on same account should be free to trade on same account .


  • fededominofededomino Posts: 164 Arc User
    by the way , i dont expect any trouble solution of this issue this post is about , its look like no CM / GM watch going on in this ARC Forum anymore , mabye , this game is controlled and run by a program instead of real live ppl :'(
  • heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,170 Community Moderator
    Please ticket support about this issue. I'm sorry to say it's unlikely anything can be done but please ask.

  • fededominofededomino Posts: 164 Arc User
    i tok a ticket to support, lets see if they want help out , ty for ansvar , but in any way , if member of this game make a mistake when charge gold , it should be solved , without to much truble , i can`t see why not help out player of this game , what will be the issue for the staff on offices for help out , just wonder ,
  • shadydawgshadydawg Posts: 82 Arc User
    Yea if you send ticket they will help you.. Its just like when i had logged to another server just to see how things was my stuff went to that character they sent the stuff to the character i really wanted it to go to.. but it wasn't nothing about charge tho it was i think a login reward or something like that
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