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Lack of new fashion as of late.

brookieeeeebrookieeeee Posts: 16 Arc User
A while ago PWI updated the AH search system which let us see some new fashion sets that were in the game:


It's been a long while since any 'new' fashion has been released and I personally was wondering if we could get a release date on any of these sets?
Or maybe prompt someone to put them on sale for us? D: There's six sets there (For females) and they don't have to be released all at once ijs, and i understand if they're maybe some for from events, but just something, anything! If they're being released soon with the new classes then so be it. Was just wondering since it's been so damn long. These sets are so damn pretty:


I appreciate this game a lot but some of us have CraVInGs


  • nelliel#3342 nelliel Posts: 2 Arc User
    yes please!
  • meiwakumeiwaku Posts: 14 Arc User
    why is the head so big o.o
  • dingo488dingo488 Posts: 906 Arc User
    lack of anything as of late. Seems we're on maintainance mode right now, they dont add/change anything even though China has a ton of stuff to be added. Hopefully it's not a permanent maintainance mode and they actually do add/change some stuff at some point.

    IGN: Madskillz
  • whipmaihurrwhipmaihurr Posts: 129 Arc User
    Wow those are all very pretty! <3
    The only GOP
  • moneyhessmoneyhess Posts: 14 Arc User
    some people spend more money on fashion in game as what they are actually wearing
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