Chances to do mbh whithout R9



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    The point is, the game is 10 year old, They included pills to level you in 5 minute. They even give you gear so you can do the quest. Most skill from lv 0 to 95 cost 0 Coins.

    you don't really need coins that much until you start hitting the PVP world.

    Also will remind you ( in case you don'T know ) ALL PWI SERVER ARE PVE NOW, Since they merge. You want to PVP vs the Princes of the black Gold and the Masters of capitlism....

    Unless you have a black hole in your pocket, you will never finish this game, Also... it has no end buddy !

    Reminds me of 2009 when people where crying they could not do 2-3 and 3-2 up cause there was no potion to survive AOE.
    But if you had 2 cleric in the team, guess what you could !

    Want to be force spoon feed ! go play WOW.

    Well back then 3-2 was a problem until people figured out the 2 clerics-solution.

    I agree with you, that people want to be spoon fed. A lot of these kind of posts popped up on this forum and each and every time I get the impression people just want to get massive amounts of rewards for doing nothing.
    Reason being they don't want to do this or that.

    E.g. don't want to join a faction to do faction runs, have different time (but don't wanna look for people with same time), don't want to build squads or want to join harder runs as DD while having twilight gear.

    Just yesterday I took a little cleric to JFSP with 6k hp, died at drake, we waited and he got it, died at succubus, we waited and he got it and he died again at Prince Mushi, unfortunately Mushi died without him there, he left squad immediately. The reason he died was he did not spark so he died, several times. Was not even a question about gear, he just didn't know the instance. Probably only went on nuke runs. He could have asked what to do if he was new to the instance, but oh well he did not and probably expected to stand back and enjoy the ride.

    As for me, sure I have my r9rr+12 char, but I also have my 12k hp seeker or 12k hp bm (G16 +3, trash npc necklace (yes +0 drop from mob), jungle belt+3, no card set (a and b cards free from JFSP/FSP), sky cover rings +0 (actually drops from mobs would do too) and g17 +0 first cast weapon) and I have no problem to get into a squad for ANY instance I want( DUP and DDH included), never tried to go IU(999) since I hardly go even on my main.

    In essence you have to know your class and know what you can and should do, then people will take you or form your own squad and people will join you. If you do not show that you are knowledgeable and capable people will avoid you and your squads.
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    well, bm and seeker - like the 2 of 4 classes that can actually go naked and still contribute:)
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    I agree with the part about knowing dungeon mechs..

    People will take you if you know the mechanics but you gotta join squads with the same players a few times so that they could trust you with the stuff you gonna do.

    I pretty much used to squad up daily for UPD/DHD without issues but I have had to run a few times before with the same people during my earlier attempts.

    Btw my main is a seeker so I get easy access due to my shatters.

    FSJ is still good enough to give a hard time to squads at Belle lol if nuke fails xD. (RIP charms...)
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    Quest rewards - really???? Jolly ol jones is still available and makes people millions each day.

    Thank you

    They brought back jolly old jones :o ?

    *just an old player dropping by after seeing new classes patch*
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    jabq wrote: »
    Quest rewards - really???? Jolly ol jones is still available and makes people millions each day.

    Thank you

    They brought back jolly old jones :o ?

    *just an old player dropping by after seeing new classes patch*

    He was never removed. Except for the one update where he was missing for a few days.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
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    What server are you playing on?

    I'm playing on Ti and also tried a bit in the Da server.... from what i see, Ti is the most newbie friendly server and least demending when it comes to gears.

    People make squads with plenty of g16 people in them, If someone is new to the dungeon at least few people explain how the mechanics work so the sq can succeed. That or i've always been unbelieeeeevely lucky to go to such squads, on the 2 g16 classes i play on, one not essential by any means, yet people take me in without knowing who am i or what my gears are. (and let me brag a bit saying as g16 +5 /6 and 7-8k hp i can still do 1m + hits on bosses with all the debuffs so it's not like g16 are just these helpless little things that cant do any dd)

    The only time i've seen someone ask about my hp was on my alt 10k cleric, but she's phys shards so she's not meant to have a ton of hp and the guy was just one of these, g16 lowered refined and sharded than her but wanting to be carried by r9s people lolol. Yeah, they can ask for gears, the rest of the players know that if you dont know what to do in a dungeon no matter how OP gears you have you'll die. Each class has value and purpose. Even in DA where they link weapon, they let my sb pill baby with mere 5k join fsj for her ulti... yeah.... if you're one of the debuff classes people just want you alive and doing your work. If you can do that - you're fine.

    Any dungeon for mbh even dh can be done with g16 gears. Been there, done that, still doing that. UP doesnt need to be upd for mbh. A full sq of g16 would have a hard time with reflection and may be strategy if they cant nuke the boss with sb ulti. There is nothing that hard anymore, as long as people know what they're doing. There have been squads of just g16 people with 1-2 r9s, slower, but it's all doable!

    Also for the people saying r9 are more experienced than g16 people... lol, yeah, because someone who has just been to nuke squads and never learned any mechanics is a pro? So many people with maxed r9 toons, so many i tell you! have no idea how some of the dungeons work. What makes it worse is that they dont wanna admit it... and think that having r9 will make them godlike and immune to 1shots or mess ups or sq wipes.... and gives them a nasty, arrogant attitude. That is so ugly... at least g16 people ask or try to learn the dungeons because they know their toons are not immune to deaths.

    MBH has extremely low % to get 10m note, so instead of crying how you cant go get your mbh done, just do normal BH. It is easier, it is made for the people who arent op yet to help them get coins and mats while they're getting their books and badges lol also gives rewards like 2m and 5m notes. Sooooo, if you dont like long runs, just go pick an easier dungeon where you dont die so much. Know your limits, people :D