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Celestial Saint Quest chain broken

ramjotramjot Posts: 54 Arc User
I am stuck in the quest at Repair the South Pillar.
I do not have the Required item in the quest list.
I did do a dig the shard in UP and as far as I know it completed ok.
I do not have the shard item in my bag normal or quest items.
I went to the pillar but I did not get any action, like a dig or talk prompt.
I believe that as I do not have the Required item listed in my quest list it is no good me trying to dig the shard again.
I am not able to trash the quest.
I logged out and back in and went to the correct place again and got the system message popup and selected "It is done" but nothing happened to the quest list.
I still have the Quest item in the list.
This action is repeatable.
I have confirmed that even though I have seen the system message and responded to it the quest is not complete as the Celestial Elder does not have the quest completed emblem.
Anyone anything I can do to fix this.
I did raise a ticket and was advised to put this here in case anyone can help.


  • sinme79sinme79 Posts: 57 Arc User
    Only thing I can think to check is make sure you are not in alternate form (barb true form, veno fox form, cleric UVD) as that will prevent some quests from advancing. Also, make sure your Sky level is correct for the quest to advance. Sometimes those quests require you to meet new sky levels to continue. This is all the advice I can think to give.
  • obielleobielle Posts: 514 Arc User
    Just to double check, what are the names of the subquests you have under the Pillar of the South quest? You might need to try to dig the UP shard again just to be safe if the required item is still showing up in the quest log. I think it's meant to disappear after you pick it up and the subquest gets completed with the next step telling you to go to some coordinates.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • ramjotramjot Posts: 54 Arc User
    My char is a psy so in primary form.
    I did do the dig of the shard but as the required item was not in my inventory it did not have a count of 1 of 1.
    I did not notice this until after I had tried to do the repair of pillar. I did see the system message telling me that the pillar was repaired but the quest item itself did not change to hand in status so when I went to the Celestial Elder the emblem above is head was not gold so hand in was not possible.
    The quest list shows the task but not the required item which I expected to remain indicating I had completed the dig until I did the repair as it has done for the other pillar repairs I have already completed.
  • ramjotramjot Posts: 54 Arc User
    Firstly, thanks to the GMs for supplying the Shard Of The South.
    Secondly, I have gone to the Pillar at 298 252 and tried on the ground and up to height 40 but do not get any system message or anything I can see that would allow me to use the shard to repair the pillar. Screenshot supplied.
    I have also tried going right up to the pillar and around it hoping to see a mouse over prompt for me to click but nothing showed.
    At this point I have no progression in my Cultivation.
    Would you please contact the developers and ask them what we need to do.
    I would be ok with scrapping the quest and starting this cultivation quest again by picking up the previous quest, The Elder Council, if that is the only way forward.
    Asked them to let me know how they get on.
  • obielleobielle Posts: 514 Arc User
    edited May 9
    Hmm your quest seems pretty buggy :( you should get a popup when you're in the right area, and then the next step is to talk to the Celestial Elder in Heaven's Tear. Looking at pwdatabase and such, height doesn't seem to matter but location can be a bit picky. I was at 299 253 ↑33 when I got my popup according to an old recording of mine.

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem like you can trash the quest either so I don't think you'd be able to restart it anyway. Hopefully you can get it to trigger somehow. Maybe make sure you've got some free inventory slots? That's about the only thing I can think of.

    EDIT: Actually I just saw your first post where you said
    I logged out and back in and went to the correct place again and got the system message popup and selected "It is done" but nothing happened to the quest list.
    So it seems kind of like you already did the step you're meant to do at the pillar, but your quest somehow bugged and might not work here. Seems like it might be something GMs have to do but not really sure if they can progress a quest manually or trash the quest for you.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • keteriya#8389 keteriya Posts: 6 Arc User
    Hmm. Seems like this guy always has some sort of trouble. Last time I did this it autocompleted after I did the shards without having to return to the locations which seemed odd but it just moved on so I didn’t care/ try hard to remember the correct way it went.
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