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homestead: I got 2 chargers paradise. how do I delete one?

ramjotramjot Posts: 62 Arc User
I have 2 chargers paradise. I seem to be able to only deploy to one so how do I get rid of the other?


  • kakadiyaskakadiyas Posts: 7 Arc User

    functional buildings can't be deleted (as far as i know). I also had same problem with two chargers . what i did was~~ stacked both of them on top of each other at the minimalist distance apart (it looks almost as 1 charger) . the land graphics may glitch inside the square of charger but u will get that extra space back..
  • ramjotramjot Posts: 62 Arc User
    ok. tks. will do the same.
  • boo4uboo4u Posts: 436 Arc User
    i have a plot of land dedicated to junk.The minions arena,if your not going to use it do not even plant it..ITS TO BIG and PW does that on purpose to mess your land up,so i have that back in the back with my extra chargers paradise,but i rarely do HS quest and dont feel like payiing 2mill to clean my homestead.

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