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The new quick startup guide to tomes

Well, I came back to the game after a nice break and went to buy 3 SoF's (Scripts of Fate). I wanted to craft 3 level 5 tomes and build them into a level 6. I quickly realized I wasted coins as you cannot combine tomes anymore. This lead me to basically dig for information on the topic of how tomes are crafted and really not even everyday gear capped folks knew the answers.

I found the thread from 2018 when the update came out, but it was pretty bland. I just don't want more people to make the mistake I did.


It wasn't as big of a mistake as I thought. Remember this piece from the update?


That's kinda the ticket and relatively they didn't actually "change the mechanics" they more or less just changed something that added more steps to the process.

Here's my example. I wanted to build Pan Gu, Creator. Typically, I would need Rouge the Red Lips, Gang of Hooligans, and The Voidlands. So instead the process is as follows.

Keep one of the 3 tomes. (does not matter which) Decompose the remaining two. Then you would use the Book of Old Principles from the two and the remaining tome to craft Pan Gu, Creator. This process can be applied further down the line just in smaller ratios of principles.

So there you have it. You can build your tome for well under the going rate in wc. Hope this helps.
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