What is the Future of Psychics in PWI?

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A lot has changed since Rising Tide, where this class emerged with their stealthy counterparts, but it doesnt seem to me that they've kept up as well with the tides of change brought upon it as time marched on.
  • Attack and Defense Level manipulation isnt as big of a deal anymore with Seekers/Sins around, and the increasing climb of new stones/gears adding more and more of either)
  • Group AOE isnt all that valuable these days instance-wise, and for all other things, you have "better" options

  • There's been some homogenization or subversion of some of our overall utility:
    Mystics got an AoE version of our Empower Vigor (minus charm effect)
    Shroud of Shadow's detarget effect is on G17 defensive weapons
    Cleric Arrays and Corrosive Cold, compared to Diminished Vigor
    Cleric Magical Shackle compared to Soulburn

  • Limited support limited even further with SoV / SoS being self-buffs only. (I can understand why they did it to the latter, but the former seemed unnecessary)
  • No "valuable" debuffs for instance play or Buffs for allies (Not even with Genies)

With this in mind, and with two more classes on the horizon, I fear for this class if the Developers just leave things as they are. Much like Wizards (and Archers to a lesser degree), they've become pretty rare in instanced content (and only taken if they've been geared out of the *** by those who invested heavily into them since way back when).

Do you think that there could be any changes done to make this class more attractive not only for mid/endgame in PvE and beyond?
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