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lol, what happened?

bruinvisbruinvis Posts: 40 Arc User
edited January 2019 in Off-Topic Discussion
We had a maintenance this week and I discovered something odd: Didn't see the Jenzo spam in worldchat and also didn't see any bot, not even in Archosaur. :'( What happened? Did someone make a large payment? lol :D


  • metamorphasismetamorphasis Posts: 32 Arc User
    I also noticed much less players. Been trying to form UPD/DHD for the past 3 days. Cant get the classes you need in squad. The game is dying hard and fast, the mods couldn't care less. Yet they are still releasing new content and quickly burying the game into the ground instead of taking care of their community. It's sad to see things go into this direction. But maybe the end of PWI really is near...
  • chilpodchilpod Posts: 47 Arc User
    Well, gamazon.ru spammer bot is back with the bot in Archosaur West so jenzogames bots will also be back soon. Like metamorphasis I noticed less players. Some players who want to pk in primal but no activity near archo. Why the hell would I (rb1, T1\T2) want to pk a rb2 p2w player? :D O yeah, for fun lol
  • goldfinch47goldfinch47 Posts: 182 Arc User
    Soon, the only toons to PK will be Jolly alts...
  • You really think the game will close down soon?
  • deceitsouldeceitsoul Mystery Gamer ⭐⭐🐈 Posts: 91 Community Moderator
    You really think the game will close down soon?

    I really wish people would stop asking this , the game isnt even close to that yet, you'll see some warning signs first. For one the news page will stop posting , there will also be way less cat shops. I experienced first hand when a pwe game shuts down , but what people dont seem to understand is that pwi is one of the main games for the company, before it shuts down the games around it will.
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