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Rank 8+Recasts - Is it worth it?

bakujiroubakujirou Posts: 48 Arc User
edited January 2019 in The Crafting Nook
Basically, topic title.
Ive been meaning to consider it across a number of different characters as an endgame alternative, so I've been wondering if its worth delving into. There isnt really a lot of information around about the material cost/acquisition that isnt on PWI Database.
So, is it worthwhile? Does it compare to something like G16 in terms of cost and effectiveness? Its mostly for PvE / light PvP like NW.
(There's also that one rumor that G17 armor could be made from it, but that remains to be seen here for now.)

>But why not Rank 9?
Spending 600M+ for a Ring just to start it is just....and that's before the weapon and additional recasts come in. I cannot charge to sell gold and to build it manually in this economy seems like something that just isnt realistically feasible for me right now.
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  • copy1#8039 copy1 Posts: 43 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    Yeah r8.3 is supossedly a way to craft g17.1 armor. Im guessing it requires less mats than if you made g17.1 from scratch. R9.3 (R9.4??) is a shortcut to g17.3 armor.

    Is r8.3 worth it over g16? I would say no. While you CAN get better stats and stronger it just requires rerolls and such. Mats are obtainable from qsm or trials. Not many people can have their whole army in a trial faction though I do know a few. Save yourself the trouble and just smack g16 on the army it is way more time-
    and cost efficient.
    Spend the time on other things like star chart, cards etc that you could use along side r9. You would probably be strongrr and IF you go r9 then you would be even stronger and thank yourself for that.

    Is r8.3 worth it when g17 comes out? Not unlikely but who knows.
  • brantanorbrantanor Posts: 72 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    If you're not able to charge to get R9, then R8R3 is a viable alternative.

    That being said, G16 is basically endgame for those who don't go rank. G16 has currently no means of being upgraded, unless they change it so you can go from G16 > G17, which is very unlikely.

    As far as PvE goes, the ingame calculator states R8R3 as an advanced set and ranks it higher then a G16 provided you aim for the gems and refines.

    On my sin i wanted to go R9, but i gave up midway because of the sheer cost of it. So i went from APS sin to R8R3, and it serves me well in instances. (you DO need all the NF skills)

    PvP wise, you're almost forced to go for R9, unless you do the occasional TW/Nw/XNw. There is really no need to go R9 provided you have at least R8R3 or G16 with pretty hefty refines (at least +10 and +12 weapon) and gems. Ornaments/rings play a big part too oc.

    Apparently R8R3 could be upgraded to G17.1 (gear) and as such i consider it a viable option. But who knows.
  • bakujiroubakujirou Posts: 48 Arc User
    Thanks for the responses guys~
    So the only way is QSM / Trials? I'm guessing that makes material gathering incredibly difficult for it...
    Do other players sell the mats often? At the very least if I cant farm the instances (dont normally see groups for QSM and I doubt its soloable) then farming the coin to buy the mats might be easier.
    I understand G16's the normal endgame alternative, but I guess I'm just trying to find something that isnt R9 but also not a complete dead end as well.

    I'll definitely keep working on the other things like Cards/Chart as I go along too, as well as getting more NF skills (though the character I'm gearing is only Chaotic Soul atm, so the rest will take time).
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  • brantanorbrantanor Posts: 72 Arc User
    edited January 2019
    After the current patch it seems i was right after all.

    Your best best if you don't want to get stuck is to go R8 > R8r3 > G17.x...

    It's also the cheapest option, and you don't really need to run Qsm. Just farm and buy dustfall arrtifacts/relics/... to get to R8R3, and from then on run the new TT (4) instance to get mats to upgrade your R8 third cast to G17.

    R9R3 will cost you an arm & a leg, so i'd skip that option. The sheer cost of it is pretty much insane.

    p.s. : don't forget that G17 is lvl 105 only.
  • lilfoxy#1723 lilfoxy Posts: 7 Arc User
    brantanor wrote: »
    p.s. : don't forget that G17 is lvl 105 only.

    Does 105 in book and a lower current level allow you to wear it (as with rank gear)? I assume it does, but confirmation would be good.

  • statewideqastatewideqa Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited December 2019
    Rank gear has no stat level requirements with the exception being the helm. Rbing and you can use your rank gear from lvl 1. If you were already 105 before, 105 is your level when it comes to equipment. I’m still 100 using a 101 genie since I rb at 101. If you build r8 from NW mats , you can get better stats rather than going straight to r8.3. I originally got r8.2 back in 2012 when you still got the different mats from supply tokens. Now you need fortification essences. The weapon makes a great def weapon since r8.3 wep gives def levels instead of attack levels. The set bonus from r8.3 I think is better than nv3. Arcane classes get 1200 hp to start off with. Then 5 def levels then 15 attack levels and finally another 15 def levels. It all comes as 4 socket so jaded with +10 goes a long way. I also have a war soul wep (Mystro Caster). If you choose to get r8 and upgrade it with fortification essence, make sure to reroll the r8.3 as it may only keep the r8.2 stats like mine did originally.
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