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drop rate of materials is totally messed up

udham80udham80 Posts: 2 Arc User
i am trying to level up my manufacturing skills but drop rate is totally goes down so after hours of killing mobs its not drop the the material so its like mission impossible to level up my manufacturing skill, God knows when pwi dev fix its


  • tideborn20090tideborn20090 Posts: 56 Arc User
    If you look up the drop rates they are really low to begin with. If your more than five levels above or below the mobs your killing it makes the drop rate even lower. It’s alwaus been like this/ I’m afraid there isn’t a fix to what works somewhat as intended based on drop rate.
  • memegirl2memegirl2 Posts: 106 Arc User
    Not always been low drop rates, what makes the difference is now for few years what drops has almost no coin value. We used to get coins for DQ drops and for digging mats like Rocks or stones to make gear or sale for coins and even digging flowers were good to get more coin. And actual gear pieces were higher in coins. I remember digging these items with a new toon and gave them coins to keep you going as you leveled up. NO MORE help here.
  • The coin value has changed yes, but the chance at each item has not. That’s an entirely different story/problem as to what the op has stated.
  • stephydoodlesstephydoodles Posts: 4 Arc User
    they way i level crafting is to make multiple farming alts and keep them the same level as the mobs that drop mats for instance i have a lvl 37 dusk that i leave to farm between widow coast and allies camp where Lupine Berserker's drop rough fur... a lot drop if you are level 37... very few drop in the 50's, almost none drop in 70's+... same applies to all mobs/mats, stay in close level, and dusks are great for farming with, and the free quest gear+free daily rewards chest charms (under lvl 60) keeps them alive in auto-culti for a fair few hours.
  • This is true, and if you bother to do the lvl 19 culti you can use the jump stun skill to reduce the amount of earning time used/ insta kills don’t count as heavily.
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