NPC for This War o' Mine: IV is Not working.

memegirl2 Posts: 114 Arc User
The only quest we can do now to obtain a Starchart. And was broken before yesturdays Maintence and still is broken today. Please PWI fix it. When you click to start it teleports to you to another NPC who is suppose to give you the backpack so you can complete the quest. But it does not start the quest.


  • obielle
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    edited October 2018
    Have you checked all the NPCs for each quest? If you don't complete This War o' Mine before reset it continues at the NPC you left off at and it will continue like that, but you can only talk to each NPC once per day so you won't be able to finish it all the way afterwards. To fix it properly you'd just have to continue your quest, hand it in at the last NPC, and then wait until the next day.
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  • memegirl2
    memegirl2 Posts: 114 Arc User
    TY obielle, I been doing this quest since opened and know to go find an NPC I may have missed. But I will try again. TY for your reply.
  • chazk
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    remember to do the quest in STORY MODE also