Returned player looking for an active guild in [Etherblade]

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I could join other servers if there's one too.


  • heerohex#3018
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    If your not in a guild you can press "G" This will show you a list of active guilds looking for players that you are in requirements for. It also shows you a lot more info IE Numbers / Points gain and slogan or notes what the guild is about. You can also view this at the base master where you enter bases I believe.

    Most guilds you can apply here as well.

    check it out see what you think and what you find.

  • skymirror#1920
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    Server : Etherblade
    Faction Name : ★SkyTeam★
    Faction Leader : Skyvi (Seeker)
    Faction website : Soon
  • syrathiel#2987
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    I'm a returning player as well, started in 2008. I'm on Twilight Temple. Small faction "Neko", nudge me if you want to join or just run quests/gather mats etc :)
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    I'm also a returning player and possibly interested in joining a group or faction at some point. Makes the dungeon-related quests a bit easier Haha :wink: