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I have been a player in pwi for a long time and I have noticed that GM's reward only the rich and hate on the poor. This is resulting in the game dying. Year by year people leave the game. All the money I have put into this game and never have received a reward. Its been the same people who open packs who receive big rewards like COM, SOT, etc GM's do not ever listen to players suggestions. They do not care about anything buy the money they making. Why reward the rich? why make it so new players can never reach the lvl of game play as those who spend money?
UPDATE: Due to restrictions from the devs, we can no longer send every single member of the Champion Faction the ☆☆☆Crest of Kings. Only 5 permanent versions will be handed out and all others will receive temporary versions that will last 1 month. The permanent version will be handed out in the coming weeks and the temporary versions will be handed out during the expansion release near the beginning of 2019.

We're truly sorry for the change in rewards, but our hands are tied with this decision and this was the best compromise that could be made.

Gm's are never sorry. They know what they doing.


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    Dev's* you mean
    Im the best sig maker ever..ijs.

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