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if you are a free player with lots of free time.... yes... i mean if you don't have starting gears yet.. this is better farming than normal tt.
there's just one problem in order to get the max rewards you need to geared.....lol
up and dh is prolly a better 30 mins than this one.. ijs....
half a year for 8 star.... in iu
few up and dh and you have money to buy ocean.... worth it alright......
my rating..
20% worth it
80% not really and just a waste of time.
furthermore this will add to inflation and cost of 8 star and ocean. ..(suddenly buying it becomes more valuable than before) thanks pwi for inflating orb prices.. along with refine with tomes that is semi useless in the long run. if you wanna be competitive in pvp you will rush buying orbs which will even inflate the prices of the already inflated orbs..... you know the drill. this content update is more like inflation update....
well script of fate are higher than normal while high end ones are reachable now thanks to packs surplus.


  • monkiimk1monkiimk1 Posts: 34 Arc User
    I'm only wondering a few things about IBU.

    1. Can you really only exchange the item for a Cube of Fate neck once? Thats what it says, but knowing PW there is a chance that it simply isn't true or is bugged. Has anyone actually tried to redeem the item 2x and get a second s1 cube necklace?

    2. When you upgrade the Stage 2 gear to G16 with a mold/EoO does it become tradeable?

    These are the only two things I see that would make IBU worth doing The orbs arent really worth farming because of the timeframe and also if the G16 is tradeable (only bound on equip vs bound outright) it would make more sense just to farm S2, craft G16 and sell it in order to fund orbs.
  • hamid80hamid80 Posts: 16 Arc User
    monkiimk1 wrote: »
    I'm only wondering a few things about IBU.

    2. When you upgrade the Stage 2 gear to G16 with a mold/EoO does it become tradeable?

    I know the answer to this one.....its still bound sadly​​
  • zombiemaster123zombiemaster123 Posts: 109 Arc User
    After the next update, when the Star Chart Items from FSP move to become the daily quest for the 10th boss in this instance THEN it is worth it. ATM its a waste of time imho.
  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,504 Community Moderator
    I'm thinking it's good to get to know as well.

    I'm also saving the items incase they update the exchange pool.

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  • only0newishonly0newish Posts: 9 Arc User
    it's worth it for the gems or cube neck *which yes can only be redeemed once*

    I think if people are newbies to the game and want to get gears when they dont have coin DH or UP cant really happen. The sky boundry is the highest one to be able to enter in DH, that takes months of dailies. Also mobs and bosses in there need way too much hitting yo! When you're poorly sharded/refined you dont do much dmg and you cant take much dmg. I would love to see how any sq just g16 +2-4 can finish puppets in reflection. Also the bosses are 35m hp+ but in IBU the bosses from 1 to 10 have about 2-20m hp bosses.

    Takes time to farm IU, but the gems are better than weekly reward from abadon /sot shards and weeklies used to take a while to gather too soooo...
    It's not endgame content, it's just helpful for the people who need something to be able to enter UP and DH and so on.

    I didnt even expect an option to farm +10 orb from pwi. Yeah, would take stupid amount of time and yes, you can make money by doing other things in that time but! It's there. I like having options.
  • carlosraul93carlosraul93 Posts: 17 Arc User
    Totally agree with @only0newish
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