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Why do we go to Dragons Conquest

moneyhessmoneyhess Posts: 14 Arc User
the past season, and this season as well by the looks of it, has been about dragon rushing constantly.
why do we do dragon rushing?
simple: to get an easy win on our opponent
but why do we want an easy win? to spend less time in game? to get 1st rank and receive a CoM?
as for me, and i know others are as well, this is just taking the fun out of game.
i hope more ppl will quit in playing this event as long as the gms don't do anything about it.
more ppl quitting means less ppl to fight, but that's alright cause you just want an easy win right?
as metallica would put it: king nothing.


  • happyhailhappyhail Posts: 112 Arc User
    It's doubtful that anything will change unless it becomes a problem in China. PVP is dead in this game.
  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,621 Arc User
    Only change I’m aware of CN did was make the land cap 8 lands which is like okay? Doesn’t change dragon rushes therefore enjoy gearing for pve
    105/105/105 Seeking ScallyMode
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