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Tank Barbarian with Purify Spell

fury85fury85 Posts: 275 Arc User
edited May 2018 in Arigora Colosseum
Hi all,
after a few test on my Tank (Full VIT points and JoSD) I can say that G17r3 with Purify Spell is much better than Def Lv. weapon. Losing Def Lv. but increasing alot the chance to stay alive, move and use skills.

Here some example in random PK in Nation War.

I still need to improve on Tank way, skill will come by time (hope xD)

Level 105 Barbarian with Deity Stone


  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    GG Bro! Yeah, Purify Spell on Tanky HA classes is insanely powerful, even if it's "just" the worse proc from CN (compared to r9.3 caster weapons) but still...barbs are so tanky that killing them without debuffs is really hard and purify takes care of that. Also, in NW, chances are multiple people are hitting on you so yeah, keeps procing procing procing :D

    LOL Roar..did you delete all your videos?
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  • sw2todddennosw2todddenno Posts: 6 Arc User
    Only way to kill a tank with Purify, other than OP damage is DB + genie disable.

    No, I didn't delete any video. I just organize better my channel and open a new section.

    Will be:

    1 barb max damage (Roar on Twilight)
    1 barb max tank (Roar on Dawnglory)
    1 barb mid gear old style, no VT, no faith (Pandarian on Tideswell)

    Just to show different build and way to play :) The Panda is just for me, I don't like much to play gold VT and kite...
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