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Skills from mysterious pages?

violetclericsvioletclerics Posts: 2 Arc User
Hello all,

I'd like to know if there is a way to get mysterious pages, aside from the ridiculous drop rate from some bosses, as it is no longer obtainable with tokens.. I recently made my noob mystic sage and just realized that some - seemingly important - skills are made from mysterious pages. Also there isn't a single mystic skill in the AH so that is not an option. Later on I guess aeu is a possibility, but I want to get some of the skills (like break in the clouds) before that level.
Any ideas on how to get myst. pages or the skills that need them?

Thank you in advance!!!


  • jyzero1jyzero1 Posts: 23 Arc User
    Purchase, free from guildies (people stash a LOT of **** in this game), or EU at 95 are the only options.
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