Mysterious Pages \\ Some skills?

Hello all,

I'd like to know if there is a way to get mysterious pages, aside from the ridiculous drop rate from some bosses, as it is no longer obtainable with tokens.. I recently made my noob mystic sage and just realized that some - seemingly important - skills are made from mysterious pages. Also there isn't a single mystic skill in the AH so that is not an option. Later on I guess aeu is a possibility, but I want to get some of the skills
(like break in the clouds) before that level.
Any ideas on how to get myst. pages or the skills that need them?

Thank you in advance



  • nunuator
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    You’re best bet is gonna be north arch catshops around the teleporter NPC they sell pages for roughly 35k a page
    if you can’t find them there the other option is to trade Flowsilver palace coins for pages, the trade is still there just harder to farm with nerfed fsp coin rewards... (this is located in the primal world and requires rebirth 1 to enter look for the NPC with an army behind him, there’s normally a plethora of catshops selling c packs fsp coins and some even pages)

    Worst comes to worst your best bet is to search the item on (safe website this is what those cleric bots checking shops record to) make sure you change your server on the top right since this dude is recording data on all PW servers

  • yoyohoho
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    OP did not ask about pages of fate or old book pages they asked about mysterious pages which can not be crafted with fsp coins... ALL sage/demon skill books are now farmable in regular EU whilst Morai/79/100 skills are farmable in AEU. Other than that buying the books from cats / ah / commission shop.
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    For more information on Mystic skill books you can read up on the PWI Gamepedia page here: