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    If only the force log button was available from the patcher instead of just in the purposefully disabled log in screen....
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    rawrkit wrote: »
    If only the force log button was available from the patcher instead of just in the purposefully disabled log in screen....

    You know what that's not a bad idea.

    Tho the reason really should be to sort arc out for this.

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    Fix Arc log plssssssssssssssss..... each days same..... we wait 15-20min for relog if dc.... annoyingggggggggggg.................................
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    Edit: This comment was on a separate thread, I didn't know another thread existed, and I was too tired last night to think straight and look for one. And apparently my original post was moved to this thread.

    While I understand why you guys disabled logging in on the login screen of the game, making us log in through Arc instead, it is annoying when we need to force log. If you guys could offer force logging from within Arc, that would be great.

    Right now, my wifi disconnected on my laptop while I was in-game, and when that happens, nothing loads, of course, but that means I can't even exit out of the game the normal way, even when I get connection back. I actually have to go to Task Manager and end the game's process. And when I go to log back in, it says that account is already logged in, and of course I can't log in with Force Log because you guys disabled logging in on the game's log in screen. Please give us an option to Force Log through Arc, or at least make it sense that we aren't actually logged into the game (it should realize that the elementclient.exe's process has been killed...) I've been trying to log back in for 10 minutes now and it keeps saying I'm already logged in.
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    DC'd seconds before XTW starts.... I have to wait 15 minutes to relog.... I am a well geared SB of a top 10 xtw faction and I am rendered completely useless becaue you guys decided to change how we log into this game and completely break the "Force Log" button.... That was Months ago and still there has been ZERO progress on fixing this button.... What are they doing if anything?

    Reading the other Forum posts... no.... Ctrl + Alt + Del will do nothing for this issue.... The server itself has to realize that you have disconnected and the check for that is apparently 15 minutes or so..... That's enough time to get across the map in XTW and then some and make a rather large difference... but instead I'm sitting here writing this with my thumb up my butt because I am stuck here waiting for the server to realize I have dc'd.... Come on PWI get your **** together...
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    it is august now when are they going to handle the issue of the force log in not functioning its ridicoulus ...essspecially inside icebound underworld we get a 16 min run with a 15 min dc ...why bother bringing it...
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    The funny thing is, you could force log after the change for a while or so I was told by ppl I know who tested this. You would bypass arc login like usual, put in credentials, force log, close the client and log trough arc just fine. Now the funny part is this has since been "fixed" and doesnt work any longer. The idiocy of this company never seizes to amaze me.
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    Is there any word on when this will be working again? Or is it ok for players to be trying to form squad for over a hour just to have some one DC when its time to start,especially the class you been trying to get for the longest! I guess because majority of you don't play the game so it doesn't affect your game play so its of no concern to you guys.

    I guess it's a true when they say IF mess doesn't drop on your step why care huh.
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    lol if they cared about it would have been fix already.
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    they care about your $$ y'all need to charge more... :p
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    Haha truth if u guys spend more they 'might' fix it..

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    please please please fix force log was DC'D during nation wars how the hell are people meant to fight battles if they cant force3 log back in
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    One easy enough fix to this issue off the top of my head if re-enabling Force Log is out of the question would be to make the server do a connection check every minute or less. If the server pings for the client and the client responds all clear it stays connected, but if it gets no response from the client (within a certain time-frame to allow for lag) it disconnects the account from the server. This would alleviate the problem of having to wait 15-20 mins for the server to realise there's no client connected to the account.
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    PWI is losing alot of players because of this issue even my freinds have left.. If its not fixed soon.. the game will die a fast death
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    You know what is funny and stupid at the same time? This **** isn't fixed yet. Amazing work!
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    So far i know there is way to use the force login but its required client modification what is against the ToS, so up... How about allow modders to release it?
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    @cefre I think you answered your own question.

    Tho I do think this should be addressed as well as multi client it's not within my limits to push fir this.