Returning player Veno and Sin!

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Hey been away long time trying to make my decision looking into sin (allso many sins running arround so thats a minus and not so great in massive pvp)and venomancer was considering wizz and sb allso but mehh there is allready so many sbs and not sure wizz is my style.
How is venomancer doing at endgame pvp mass and 1 vs 1?
If i am right they are more support then damage as i was told that they don't deal much of damage as they can't kill endgame barbs and probably not allso a seeker,sin and db.
Allso understand they wery welcome for pve groups because debuffing and allso in massive pvp as debuffers?
Would be wery thankful for some insight :).
My endgame goal is mostly mass pvp but would love allso get into arenas and some other endgame pve stuff i don't mind learning support side the more useful i am the better i feel but still would love to be able to kill stuff when totaly endgame geared.
What is allso best sage or demon and does 1 work for both pvp and pve? Veno welcome to arena teams?
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    I'm not sure what causes veno's to lack nuking ability. Maybe not good synergy with shatters? Sage spark adds more magic attack than any other class's spark. Veno skills tend to have high channel times, and thus benefit from -% channel more than other classes.

    Venos are a pretty tanky arcane class, while u might not be able to kill a barb, a barb will also not be able to kill you.

    Demon ironwood has the abillity to drop pdef to zero, deadly in any occasion! Demon nova can cause a minor HF debuff. Sage probably have better nuking power.

    Hopefully a pro veno can answer more of your questions.
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    Venos are doing fine, but yes they arent really damage dealers. Of course they can hurt and even kill, but it usually requires some kind of setup which can sadly be slow for venos and therefore not always very efficient in forexample xTW etc. They can do 1v1 but Ill highly recommend a monkey for that. They are however excellent supporters in all kind of pvp.
    Arena squads they are also a decent class and I had many offers to join 3v3 squads.

    I would never make a veno with the goal in mind to kill people. I am starting to be one of the better geared people now (lol NP), but I still dont really kill people much compared to other dd-focused classes.

    Venos sadly dont benefit much from seeker shatters especially if they dont have the combined version. However they are still taken to squads due to purge and amp, unless theres too many venos around u shouldnt be worried about getting squads regardless of ur gear.
    u can burst out some good damage in pve if u have a harpy or battlebot with the right skills stats and use natural synergy. I have never been asked if i have one of the pets though as I dont think people really are aware of its damage let alone cares about my venos dmg.

    In pve Sage/Demon doesnt matter. I never met any that choosed a veno over another due to their culti, so i would pick whatever you think is best in pvp. I played both cultis for a long time and is currently demon.
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    Ijs, look at kitashi and write her on her youtube channel or on the dawnglory server xD she will show you how a veno can kill anything in the matter of seconds with the latest update :D