Pyro / Gush / Stone rain glyph colours

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So... looking seriously at glyphs / NF skills on my wiz now. Had seen how you can cycle pryo, gush + stone rain, that is:
* Blue glyph in pyro makes gush do more dmg
* White glyph in gush makes stone rain do more dmg
* Red glyph in stone rain makes pyro do more dmg

Put the 3 in a repeating macro and away you go. But... now I'm reading these closer... with lv 5 glyph the dmg bonus to the next skill is only +10%.

But if you put a yellow glyph in them all, that boost the dmg up by around 40%. So what on earth is the benefit of the blue/white/red glyphs and cycling the skills? It sounded so neat at first :(


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    O dear.

    Ive not really played with them yet only got 3 open. How bad is that.

    One thing is it says 10% but 10% of what your base damage? or Weapon? May be thats the key part.

    I can see where your going with that tho.​​
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    Well 10% skill dmg or 10% dmg usually means you actually DO that much more dmg.

    "weapon damage" is The attack on your weapon, rings, ornaments, cards, starchart, and everywhere else. Say your weapon damge is 4,000. 100% weapon dmg would add only 4,000 dmg to your attacks.

    "base damage" is the damage that shows on your character sheet. So if you spark 700% weapon damage, that is added to your "base damage."

    Meaning your Blade tempest and water/fire combo skill will get increased by 1400% weapon damage overall, as they deal "base damge" twice.

    That being said i do not know the best runes for wizard, nor am i exactly sure how the "add % damage" will interact. But it may be quite favorably