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Faction Recomendations

geochrisgeochris Posts: 107 Arc User
Due to the rcent update I have come to the unfortunate decision that I will need to change factions. We can't seem to open our base and people have left the faction in droves. Previous TW season we had 15-20 ppl come to TW our last TW had only 5 and more have left since. So I am looking for another faction.

I would be able to generally be able to make 1 or 2 TWs a weekend, depending on time, and I like to do JFSP/DDH. I wouldn't mind doing xTW or finding a team for 3x3 coliseum.

Current main is 104/102/100 SB with 1900 spirit, just under 20K unbuffed HP, R9s3 +10 (deity sharded) with +12ring/wep/neck, Turny helm (drake flames), Morai card set. My SC is lv42 w/13.ish aptitude and 5 stats.

I understand this section is low volume but on the off chance it might help. I am also asking ppl i randomly squad with. The biggest requirement for me is active and relatively low drama. Message me or reply to this thread. Thanks
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