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Whats happening in Echo

I was about to apply to Echo until I heard lots of echo is sad now ... someone told me they wont TW again since TW is outdated for them again. Does anyone know a good faction to join?


  • lol .. im playing both sides when this thing happened... you will see the 2 people on corner not doing anything.. thats me sorry to afk in tw...but this thing gets boring. yes i have 2 toons. 1 in echo and 1 in vindi i will leave both guilds deciding whether to quit or not. one thing that makes tw interesting is listening on ts of both guilds.. funny. if you guys like to listen to ts3 recording i will post it in here.. its even more entertaining than the tw itself. maybe not i might get sued or something. well they guys in the screenshot is BIG LUMP OF AIR lmao we all know that. and a number of people in echo got face palmed with the suspended merchant thingy..well 1 thing i can say for sure... bought accounts.... is funny thing to get... dont do it guys.
  • heero200heero200 🇭elper 🇪xtraordinary 🐲💯 Posts: 4,230 Community Moderator
    TW is a little unspiced now.

    What it really needs is like NW where their are a few different maps. But you dont know what map you got like XTW till 30 mins before battle. Your know who ur VS. but thats it.

    HAHAHA... So gonna design a new TW Map now... Tho it will never be used ay...​​
  • splendideyessplendideyes Posts: 324 Arc User
    and while you are on it, buff xtw dragon please. make it immune to debuffs like nirvana bosses, give it a 500 k dmg Toughen or something.
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