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A Big Thank You for kalyst and whoever thought of the Reward Points Login thingy.

First of all, I would like to thank pwi devs and @kalystconquerer#0876 for doing the reward points for logging in. Its seems there is no thread about it in here.. but i give many many many thank you for this event.
it provided me with a huge boost coz i was able to get the money to get 2nd cast ws weapon. which i think i will only be able to get next year probably if i saved up hard enough.
i would like these kind of events to continue. even though our electricity bill will be affected atleast in my point of view it will be worth it.
even though there was missing points and stuff.. we were able to get it in the end.
I like these kind of events coz you will be able to participate even though ur a nub and undergeared. ..

i personally hate the ingame events which requires you to get geared in order to just participate. Thursday night fights. i dont think i will last 1 second inside even though i have maxed primal passives and meridians. pinata bosses and other boss events that the boss gets killed within seconds that we wont have time to get credit . or even loot something coz of the darn "PICK UP ALL"

i would like the events where everybody regardless of gears and stuff can participate... i think it will be healthy for the community to get these kinds of events instead of events where Op people can abuse.
thats all..

hoping to more. events.
thank you very much pwi.


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