what happened to all the events around the time of Wealthy Titles Spend Promo

Who are all the winners from the event that had happened back in aug, september, oct time frame not sure what events where but i looked up this one and found no winner for "Wealthy Titles Spend Promo" for the month of september

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    Yes, rewards have been sent out for the Wealthy Title promotion.
    No, it's not a scam as users got their items, but recently I haven't been as up to date as I'd like in getting announcements for winners prepped in time/properly. This affected other types of promotions we've had in the past month, not just this one and has also been affecting other non-promotion type events (such as the TW Monthly Drawings, announcements for all the 9th Anniversary items related to the events etc.)

    I'm not saying this is a valid excuse, but alot of my time has been re-prioritized more and more to all the back end work and duties that typically occupy a Product Management role as opposed to a Community hybrid with minor Product Management and some QA. Which unfortunately, pushed alot of the communication and general proper, timely events upkeep down a bit in the past few months (particularly, the time right after September). I say this only to let users know what's been happening.

    That aside, if you do have a specific question regarding your specific situation, please don't hesitate to reach out to Support.
    I still have all of the data from that time period so if you were concerned about your specific situation, I think CS will be able to guide you.

    Hope this helps!


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    They have been sending out the rewards just not officially posting it... Not a good idea IMHO since players can see it as a scam seeing that not even a single winner is being posted... But having recieved the COM/Emperor/Nuema Portal chest on my seeker Prespire from the 9th Anniversary mount raffle they are being sent out just not posted in the news for some reason.