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Reward Points not updating correctly [not worth doing]

i was online for 36 hrs just to test this.
I only have 6 points.
and electricity bills are expensive in the phillippines. (highest in asia region)
would have been better if this is real time
now im starting to think its not worth doing.. really.

can anybody comment if theirs are updating correctly.
as everybody suggest i relog every half a day. thats all thank you.


  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,673 Arc User
    I’m at 20hrs I’m sure it works but it’s tracking so many bots it takes time for datapull or something. I wouldn’t worry
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  • quinniequinnie Posts: 46 Arc User
    same here.. been online for 30~40 hours and only got 6 points....
  • genjutsugenjutsu Posts: 11 Arc User
    @kalystconquerer#0876 do we need to panic here? .... the page before said we maybe need to relog every hour for it to counts?... are we going to get full credit at the end of the week for the login timme we had?... my alts are showing 0 rp atm​​
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  • laluna1990laluna1990 Posts: 50 Arc User
    I was online over 40 hours the last days and got only 4 points :D so for 2 hours being online ....
  • lolitalottielolitalottie Posts: 20 Arc User
    Been online for over 30 hours and have 0 points
  • iamtearshiamtearsh Posts: 103 Arc User
    hi~ i sent a ticket to support regarding the reward points and they advised me to post the issue here.

    Basically its regarding the RP that we are supposed to be getting while logged in to the game.
    In my case, my RP are not showing at all eventhough I was in game since the server was up after the maintenance.

  • nocironociro Posts: 50 Arc User
    Im expecting an update on rp at 11 am like last update. Hopefully a good bump in rp then.
  • geochrisgeochris Posts: 108 Arc User
    I have been on since the start and have logged in/out several times and mine still shows zero
  • ninna321ninna321 Posts: 19 Arc User
    No updates what so ever about this, been 2 days no RP still not updating properly or counting properly, gonna be shet caus half is actually getting some RP while some of us get none
  • armoftheland33armoftheland33 Posts: 84 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    been online for 12 hours total since this started and i have gotten a wopping ZERO rp.

    the login rewards are borked @kalystconquerer#0876 for both free daily log in and RP for login/charge rewards. some people get points and in game mail while others do not and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.​​
  • splendideyessplendideyes Posts: 328 Arc User
    and once again, its working, you guys just dont see the pattern and i get tired of teaching monkeys.
  • sensualsoulsensualsoul Posts: 282 Arc User
    Yeah I got 5 points and I've been on since 11/22/2017 at 12am So kind wondering what's up?
  • eylenaaeylenaa Posts: 44 Arc User
    My toon have been online 30 hours and have 0 points. Welp its not like I expected this to work.
  • I have multiple accounts with 46 points, so it seems to be partially working. I should have close to 100 points on all my accounts though. Hopefully they actually hand out enough points so all my accounts can get the JoSD...or else this login even was mostly pointless.
  • ajl1961aajl1961a Posts: 1 New User
    My toon is 100 and has been online for at least 24 hours and zero points
  • davebarbariandavebarbarian Posts: 1 Arc User
    Just noticed this thread and I have not received any points. I just assumed the points woild awarded at the end of the event
  • jacobsrevengejacobsrevenge Posts: 61 Arc User
    mine works... ;) and hey dont bypass arc... ijs
  • iamnotnormaliamnotnormal Posts: 66 Arc User
    i was online since nov 22 , 12 am pdt.. straight to nov 23 - 4 points. i logged off for 6 hrs in 23 and logged back in nov 23 - nov 24 - relogged. reset @ nov 25and saw my points - 60 points. .. i dont really know whats happening anymore my points should have been on 130++ but only gained almost half of it. pls update on this if yours are updating correctly.
  • I got 40RP when I checked 15 hours ago. Now I checked again, and still 40RP. Been logged in and logged off once or twice. But nothing.
  • nocironociro Posts: 50 Arc User
    The next update is in around 1 hour
  • nbreakingnbreaking Posts: 607 Arc User
    22 RP, even though I've been relogging and stuff, and i've been on since the start of the event.
    This is just broken, some are getting, some aren't, it's just weird how this is being done, starting to think PWE wants to get us enough points to almost get the good rewards, but miss 10-20 points and then we'll be like "it's just 20$ for that reward, so close, i'll charge for it". *puts on tinfoil hat*

    Either way, brace yourselves PWE, tickets are coming.

    Mr. Justice
  • inovampyinovampy Posts: 8 Arc User
    Same here, ive been up since maint, and only got 56 points but from the gold i charged.... from login i have NONE
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