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Echo vs Crisis 04-11-2017

In the quest to reaching first place there was only 1 faction remaining on the hitlist of Echo; Crisis. After bidding Dragon's Meet the match-up between the clear 2 strongest factions finally happened. However with Crisis having 4 wars, and Echo having 5, it was sure to get messy. Unsure if Crisis was even going to show up in the first place, Echo suicided the entire faction into the Crisis base, suffering from a 90 def level and 90 attack level debuff. After a while both factions presented 60 members and a 60v60 could take place. No doubt that neither faction was able to go all out in the war due to the other battles, but it was a good fight nonetheless. Good Fight Crisis ^-^ We'll see you again later.

IGN: Madskillz


  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    With the slight difference of Crisis being attacked by roughly 260+ ppl from different factions at the same time. If we estimate the power of our people in this battle compared to what we could've brought maximum then Crisis wasn't even at 60%. If we just had 5 man-factions to worry about in the other 4 battle (4x xtw + 1 full Tw cause thanks @kalystconquerer#0876 for the extremely fair timeslot making TW and xTW occur at the same time). None of these factions wined us, we got attacked from all fronts.

    Sure, it's good that echo has gathered some more people now, I barely ever tabbed anything that wasn't endgame, esp compared to what we could bring.

    Hope we get the chance for a decent, fair matchup in the next week.

    PS: We barely had 100 signups for all the fights we had :D that is what I call nothing but bad luck. Every single faction had the oppurtunity to attack crisis for several weeks now, nothing happened..so ofc a majority of our people didnt take xTW/signups seriously anymore, I mean, who can blame them? And then, out of the blue, 5 factions just "happen" to attack us at the same time. What a weird coincidence. Wonder why that never happened to vindi in the last season. Odd.

    Anyways, due to an error on your end @kalystconquerer#0876 for messing up the TW/xTW timeslots..when Crisis barely loses the first place in this season out of getting ganked in TW and xTW (thanks to you) then I demand that this will be taken into consideration. Other factions have complained about way less unfair scenarios and we even had a point rollback last season for vindicate so I demand the exact same thing. Anything else would be blatantly unfair. Thank you.
  • dingo488dingo488 Posts: 935 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    It took Crisis 5 seasons to find out that you can take multiple lands. Im guessing it'll be another 5 seasons before they learn how to defend them. 7 weeks straight of nothing but PvE wars in Dragon's Meet and Joe slaps his seal of approval on there, 1 PvP war in Dragon's Meet and its a gank and he demands a rollback. We don't call you Memelord Joe for nothing.

    Just be happy we actually gave you a good fight, we could've just as easily sat back n begged another faction to attack Dragon's Meet for us, but that's not how we work.

    IGN: Madskillz
  • sontzusontzu Posts: 962 Arc User
    While it's clear the xTW/TW time conflict is a problem and frankly either a stupid idea or a stupid mistake, everyone has to deal with it, more or less at random.
    If it benefits Crisis at a crucial point late in the season will you still be asking for a rollback? I suspect not...
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  • wadziowadzio Posts: 34 Arc User

    I will repeat myself. As much as I agree TW and xTW times sux for Dawnglory ppl and it should be changed, then:1
    1. None forced Crisis to bid on Infamous in TW
    2. None forced Crisis to prioritize TW over xTW
    3. For the first time Crisis faced something more than a double defence in xTW, which something every other guild deals with on weekly basis and does just fine or least dont come cry over on the forums (just to point out Echo had 5 wars comparing to ur 4), because we all just take as it is.
    4. You had only Vindicate and Echo from top 10 guilds this week in xTW. Vindicate had several weeks in which we had to defend 4 guilds from top10. Only difference is that in such cases we would usually ignore some fights and win what we were sure we can win to diminish as much as possible the ammount of lost lands.
    5. Guilds bidding on tier 1 or tier 2 land dont pick who they get matched with. Nice conspirancy theory. In such case I would actually want to ask how come entire season till now max u had was 2 wars with so many lands? LOL Only guild who made their pick was Echo, same as Infamous was doing last season.
    6. Last season they rollback cuz Crisis cried all over the forums. And guess what? Vindicate still won the season and Crisis finished 3rd. They shouldnt roll back anything. xTW works fine. None glitch happened there and u guys had 11 weeks to come and QQ and ask for rollback when it comes to TW time slots. First time it does strike Crisis, but even guilds from ur server had to choose to either go TW or xTW in past weeks - look at Kylin, BankaiGOD, etc. I wonder why for all these weeks u were quiet? Cuz it didnt hit you?! =)
    7. Quite honest after so many mistakes done in past 2 seasons I think whoever make calls in TW/xTW in Crisis should resign and you folks should change war leadership, because instead of trying to blame everyone else you should either just look at urself either accept what happened.

    Very nice introduction, but u got all wrong. Crisis wanted to win TW vs Infamous on Dawnglory. Wasted 30 min of their time and finally gave up. Meanwhile they lost to Vindicate and Drakhan in xTW. Actually impressing part is that they turtled Echo with 30-40 ppl for 30 minutes, which gave u the chance to take all towers and take almost half hp of the dragon. Later on if u look at it they even had more kills and started slowly catching up on points. Again ur trick with base teleport worked and another guild got fooled. Well done. Gratz on the win. Yet I know u will qq all over for what I'm gonna say now - not sure how it would look if it was actually 60 v 60 from the scratch.
  • dingo488dingo488 Posts: 935 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    wadzio wrote: »
    Later on if u look at it they even had more kills and started slowly catching up on points. Again ur trick with base teleport worked and another guild got fooled. Well done. Gratz on the win. Yet I know u will qq all over for what I'm gonna say now - not sure how it would look if it was actually 60 v 60 from the scratch.

    If you look 9 minutes into my video, Echo is down around 30 kills. Thats when Crisis started being 60 people. 20 minutes into the video Echo is up 60 kills. In these 11 minutes that passed in my video it was 60v60. While I agree that we might not have won as easily (or at all) had it been a 60v60 the whole time, I think you're conclusion is based on very incomplete and selective information. You have to realize we were down in kills for the entire xTW, a lot of it is coming from the start where we just suicided into their base cuz we had no other place to be. Either way our opening this xTW was absolutely hideous, that shjt is never gna happen again. Having said that, looking at kills in xTW is completely irrelevant, out of all the factors that influence points in xTW, kills have the lowest influence. Just look at your own faction Vindicate's past failure to win xTW despite having twice the kills over their opponent.

    I do think Crisis did a good job turtling, tho turtling in this game is extremely easy with Stormbringers, just look at TW. Them having the Blue base didn't help either, it's much harder to gain control over than Red base.

    What can you say though, Crisis has been an excellent faction for a long time now, their choices are just a lil questionable... we didn't think it was going to be easy, and we didn't want it to be easy. I'm not looking to downplay the result and I look forward to fighting them again in the future just to see how they plan to redeem themselves. Seeing how hard we stomped the 3rd place faction just a few weeks ago, I was getting worried, but its nice to see there's still a very worthy opponent available, we already knew this though! That's not to say that the other factions aren't good opponents! Tempest is still by far my favorite faction to fight as they seem to be the only faction with a real grasp on ingame strategy, but they are also the most unlucky faction in the world, so I doubt we'll get the chance to fight them in a full force 1v1 any time soon.

    IGN: Madskillz
  • hoshichanhoshichan Posts: 170 Arc User
    jsxshadow wrote: »
    With the slight difference of Crisis being attacked by roughly 260+ ppl from different factions at the same time.

    Arkahm: no show
    Infamous: 60 in TW
    Drakon: 20 ppl max
    Echo: 60 max
    Vindicate: 60 max

    and they all were stacked, Forumclown Joe strikes back with dem quality maths.
    jsxshadow wrote: »

    PS: We barely had 100 signups for all the fights we had :D that is what I call nothing but bad luck.

    you had 130 people avaiable.

    also, Joe, nice single target Ulti on EsRaFill at 22 minutes into the video. thats 5 minutes CD wasted that you could have used to clear out your dragon. but who am i to talk, im just the white voodoo trash psy.
  • phage69phage69 Posts: 110 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    I highly doubt Infamous brought 60 tbh so even tht math is off
  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    @hoshichan yes, you are and your numbers are incorrect. If arkam was a noshow..how did we lose that fight as well? Weird. And with by 130+ you mean 40+ alts for other wars than you are correct.

    @wadzio Go to the announcement thread of the timeslot changes, 3rd post is mine, nearly instantly complaining about this BS, just as I did countless of times (and others) til then.

    No matter how you put it, it is not Crisis fault for being unable to anticipate that all fights vs all factions were going to be all out fights. With barely 100 mains available, even if we lowball the enemy count to 200 (with 90% being endgame geared at least whilst we can't even hold that ratio ourselves) it was just impossible. When there is just one major faction to fight you can just simply wait 15 minutes and see what they do and then enter..when you already have 30+ people in there from the start in nearly every single fight..welp, good luck picking the best to focus. Ofc we trief to hold everything, why would we play it save? Like all the other coward factions?

    I could bet several hundred dollars that most factions, if they have any other fight at all and their little spies tell them that crisis doesnt have any other fight, they won't show or at least chances are damn high that they won't. I made my peace that any other faction out there is just out to win, challenges and taking risks are not even considered. Keep attacking factions when they are vulnarable and avoid them when they are not. The funny thing is, Infamous had xTW as well..but their xTW enemies waited for them to finish TW first. GG WP ijs. Most top tier faction can bring 60 endgame geared ppl in a single fight, now let them split that up and see how they do vs 60 full endgame geared people.

    I don't know why people call me Memelord but it most have something to do with denial, cause I am stating nothing, absolutely nothing but facts.

    As for the 5 fights echo had..sure, go back in time and just put 2 squads of endgame geared ppl in every battle and see how well you do vs crisis without losing every single one of the other lands or does echo purely consist of 120+ endgame geared ppl now?

    And for the people that still don't get why TW + xTW was frigging stupid...without TW we could've send our strongest to echo from the get-go, 2 more average geared squads to arkam and the rest to drakon. Even if arkam and drakon could've just been defended, full force vs echo would've ended max after 30 minutes with their performance and after that, log alts and win the remaining fights. True, we could've skipped TW, but not every faction anticipates butt-buddies to wait for them. Originally we planned to win that TW in 10 minutes max cause Infa had xTW as well. But nope. Echo can feel free to wait for our full force next time too, if they really wanna have a maximum, fair fight.

    Hopefully that clears up all remaining questions and doubts. You are never in the same situation as another, might be a similar one, but never the exact same, so stop crafting theories about how many mistakes were made when you don't even know half of it. I am not salty cause crisis lost some lands. I don't give a ****. It's that twisted attitude of the forum people that gets me to post at all. You think you have it all figured out yet what you write (most of the time) doesnt even qualify as elaborate guesses.

    If it was that easy for people to just say GF and move on..I gladly do the same. But somewhere, even if tiny, there is always a little bit of misplaced ego and attitude that I cannot tolerate and you know, fire with fire, if you wanna flex ego than good luck overshadowing mine. You peole created this, so suck it up :) your rightous Memelord is at your service :smile:
  • nocironociro Posts: 50 Arc User
    I just realised why people call Crisis for Crysis.
  • xnightsaberxxnightsaberx Posts: 49 Arc User
    I have proof of what happen in xtw, the blue robot car is Echo and White is crisis, Enjoy.

  • hoshichanhoshichan Posts: 170 Arc User
    how can Joe constantly come up with such high amounts of absolute BS, he should consider a carreer as fantasy book writer.

    if arkham was not a no show, and you lost that 1 as well, which war did you actually win? and who made these horrible decisions and why is nobody questioning them? you have some pretty good people(not you), use them wisely.
  • keihan007#7641 keihan007 Posts: 1,190 Arc User
    Oh man, I thought Joe was just trolling in the first post but he seems serious.

    You do realize claiming other factions were least 90% endgame is absolutely ludicrous when Da is likely the most geared server and Crisis being the top faction on server is unable to get to that ratio? Drakon alone is gonna break that ratio by being on the list of factions you fought. Or I guess it depends on what you describe as endgame but I seriously doubt you are gonna get much support for parameters which would work with Drakon on the list.

    The reason why ppl mock Crisis leadership is because there seems to be no decisiveness. If your plan is to win Infamous in 10mins, you are gonna see pretty fast if thats the case or not. If not, adjust your plans and commit to something by either staying in Infamous war till its won(Assuming you had the ppl to end it at some time frame) or scrap the Infamous TW and save what can be saved on xTW front. Instead of doing this, you lost to Infamous from the sound of it after wasting too much time in there resulting in you to lose to Echo, Vindi and Arkham? Did you win anything but Drakon on Saturday? You can talk bout taking risks and not playing safe but your indecisiveness cost you a lot this weekend.

    In its essence the plan you suggest might of worked if things had gone as you described, I seriously doubt your assessment over Echo war to be accurate but it lasting extra 30mins or even hour on top of what you estimate wouldnt of changed much for that plan. The problem was holding ppl in Infamous war for 30 minutes. By the time you sent enough ppl to fight Echo the war was already in very difficult position and you played it just poorly by trying to get too much too fast, which resulted in Echo sniping your dragon.

    I`m sure Crisis has plenty of capable people but whoever is in charge of TW/xTW keeps finding new mistakes to make. Everybody makes mistakes but the mistakes are so commonplace with Crisis I really wonder if you guys learn anything from them.

    Ps. The TW and xTW times colliding for Da is absolutely ridiculous, think most ppl agree with that but calling for rollbacks cause you guys lost is a whole nother level of funny.
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  • zombiemaster123zombiemaster123 Posts: 109 Arc User
    @saxroll I agree, I wouldn't have bothered with TW myself as well but when does those "mistakes" happen, nearly every single time? When crisis did not have any fights for months on end and then we get spammed with fights, massively. Our people crave good fights and ofc our leadership also loses touch about judging the strength of current factions simply because we get no fights at all. It's surprising we did so good overall in the first-place after months of no TW/xTW-experience at all. It's basically the same with my 8 Chars I have. If I don't play a certain class for months on end I do need some fights to get back into it. Same with Crisis. Don't expect the next fights to be that easy, ijs.

    @hoshichan High amount of BS? Ah, and what did I say exactly that is not true? As far as I've been told we didn't win a single fight, vs no faction that weekend.

    Trust me, next time, we will play it safer to some extent.
  • blazerboyblazerboy Posts: 1,673 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    Funniest post ever man lol... Wish I showed up. I think best to say gf both guilds had stacked war and I don’t think bringing the fact ppl waited for infa to finish tw is a legit point. It’s as simple as asking I suppose and prioritizing. Crisis didn’t need the TW win they have won TW season on DA for what nearly 2yrs now? I know it’s atleast over a year and half X.X why not take the loss and go full assault on echo? Echo let the tempest war go to see how well they faired and it prob would be more fun to watch what would happe 60v60 from the jump hopefully it happens soon
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  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    @blazerboy Yeah, I am looking forward to another fight. This one now was a Good fight too, but people tend to bend reality in their favors sometimes.

    PS: They should finally make Jones/O'mally blessings permanent..ffs. Too many chars in need and I hate posting on alt-accs ._.
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