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More argent glyph discoveries

mistressmuertamistressmuerta Posts: 152 Arc User
Hello Venomancers, I'm back from the lab. Most of the behaviors of the argent glyphs for the veno magic attacks were covered in the youtube video posted by Wyvelin.

However I've discovered some major setbacks with the argent glyphs for the caster attacks. I think the skills need to be recoded.

1. The 1.5x mulitplier can be ovewritten by consecutive casts of any of the same dot for each tick of that dot type. Example: (VS dot can overwrite 1.5x effect on prior VS dot). This means if you cast one VS and it gets 1.5x damage per tick and you cast another it can cancel the 1.5x damage effect.
2. Damage from the dot damage does not increase despite the lvl of the glyph only the initial attack.

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