Switching from Demon to Sage / keeping celestial saint skills?

aphrodita Posts: 228 Arc User

if i switch my sin from demon to sage, will every single skill be transfered to Sage, even the neverfall upgraded ones?


  • bulletman
    bulletman Posts: 32 Arc User
    with Supreme Celestial Schism Mold yeah you keep all
  • fanta23
    fanta23 Posts: 33 Arc User
    Can you still switch after you are already celestial saint?
  • shopcheese
    shopcheese Posts: 758 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    Yes, celestial sage/demon, chaotic soul and celestial saint are the cultivations where u are able to switch between sage and demon. Supreme schism mold transfers all skills from sage to demon or demon to sage(you keep everything). The regular schism mold resets all skills to lv10, except non specific demon/sage ones, which includes neverfall skills (you keep only neverfall and a few others).