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Arigora Season starts and...

gret2692gret2692 Posts: 28 Arc User
Everyone's score is back to 0; ranking, fights etc. Season ends in around 3 months? So how about everyone who will/can participate on 3v3 queues up everyday (if they got the time ofc) right as it opens up until like say 3 hours after it since that's around when it starts dying (though now with scores reset we're all going to get spam fights).

Why? Well why not? Plus you also need those 200 total wins to get the unique reward and title from the chest. Also I'm going to assume everyone's aware that you cannot craft certain items till your score/ranking is at a certain point, so there's that too. One thing that I wonder, if the way they measure the winners will be based on whoever appears on the ranking npc 2.2k+ score then that might be a problem to get 2.2k score within 3 months depending players time/availability etc.



  • hoshichanhoshichan Posts: 173 Arc User
    Q`ed up after midnight, found 3 nuema portal squads and another one that gets carried by a lovely deity purge dagger sin. if its like this everyday, then rip arena, NO lower tier squad will even bother. asterelle predicted this right....gl fighting for 1800 score, op squads.
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