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Returning to my veno character after about 9 years....

birdconure00birdconure00 Posts: 29 Arc User
1) Ok stupid question but I have forgotten how to tell my pet to manually attack? After summoning my pet and setting it to manual I can't get it to attack so that I can use it as a lure. The guides I look at online just say to have your pet attack but I have forgotten how to do that.

2) I have the attack skills that I want to use dragged into the F boxes on the screen but when I press the F keys nothing happens? I'm not trying to use attacks that need to be charged first and when I click on the F box directly it works but I would rather use my F keys for that.


  • shade13shade13 Posts: 631 Arc User
    1) Beast head icon next to the paw icon

    2) maybe you are in fox form trying to use human form skills? Or you don't have chi for them? Try to toggle skills raws also (must be V key by default).
  • heathernheathern Posts: 4 Arc User
    1) You can also do alt1 for pet regular attack

    2) A few years ago they swapped the numeric control panel and the F control panel, so you may think you are setting skills in the F control but actually they are in the numeric panel
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