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Hello Darkness my old friend... -insert gob-

manbabymanbaby Posts: 33 Arc User
Well after unspeakable amounts of time spent in game i have pretty much decided to quit game, i doubt many who lurk forums will care but oh well. A combination of life events and burnout has ran its course, and for the forseeable future it looks like this is where i part ways with PWI...for now

For anyone who remembers me in game im CANUS_MAJOR, and i would like to thank everyone who has made my time here incredibly memorable. There r just too many ppl to name and i wouldnt know where to start, but thanks again Darkness crew for making me feel at home, and Indignant for giving me a chance to meet new ppl.

TLDR version: peace out PWI, and enjoy ur time in game! :)


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