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Legendary molds

tropper24tropper24 Posts: 2 Arc User
I have left the game for quite a while and have recently decided to make a comeback and I decided on starting on a brand new character just to recover some good old memories. But I realised that FB bosses no longer drops molds and that I can only find level 70+ molds at the npc in 1k streams. Anyone know where I can get those low level legendary molds?


  • katikilokatikilo Posts: 13 Arc User
    Welcome back. Many lower level Legendary molds no longer drop. But now there are quest rewards of Politician (level 10s), Minister (20s), Duke (30s), and Royal (40s), with most of each set being from quests, and the rest being drops in FB caves (minister in old FB 19 caves for example). These range from almost as good as to massively better than the old legendary gear, making it easy to equip to be OP at the lower levels (so that bh29 Qingzi would now be a pretty easy quest for a level 40s squad in Royal gear, but those almost never happen since there are so many high level bored or looking for Nuema that will come one shot Qinzi for you). So if you still want the old gear then auction house or cat shops are the only places to find them.
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