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AzuraEclipse is Back after 5 years :p

shikasgirlshikasgirl Posts: 1 Arc User
Hey guys! For those who were on Archosaur before it obviously merged will probably remember me fairly well. Was one of the first clerics to hit 100 when the server opened along with a few others, and was apart of Nemesis for a very very long time. Was also a venomancer called Raziyal :3
Just wanted to let those who have surprisingly continued playing PWI after my disappearance in 2012, that i am back to the game!
I have no idea if any of my old buddies play, i suspect that either they have quit or are on new characters.

p.s Yes my younger self was a weeb... ignore my silly username.... because its dumb. LOL
i'll be on my old toons, such as Raziyal and AzuraEclipse
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