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Invalid Poll Results for Character Creation Contest



  • erokeserokes Posts: 195 Arc User
    I'd say not do them any more because of the possibility of it being abused. Its been done before what makes the next/new step wouldnt be figured out and exploited. It was fun seeing various entries and it was fair...until suddenly certain people hiked up unbelievably quick.

    But we are damned if we do. Damned if we don't. Another fun contest ruined by greed.

    Xenryu ~ Chaotic Soul Venomancer {Retired}

    A Horrified Fashionsta

    ~*~ I now reside in the game called Real Life with my husband LordLunaris ~*~
  • emanuelly#5715 emanuelly Posts: 31 Arc User
    edited August 2017
    Rewards should be hitting mailboxes soon!

    As far as polls and cheating results...I've made it the strictest settings I could through that external site (there's a setting for IP and cookie lock). If people are spamming and going though proxys AND clearing their cookies every single time...the only recourse I'd have is to make these polls live for such a short amount of time that they can't be exploited.

    The poll times for the Player's Choice however is already locked in, so I won't be changing this voting duration. But going forward, I will most likely have to make these short-lived to avoid further issues!

    You can use the google form, limit access only to those who have a gmail account.

    Exemple: https://goo.gl/forms/dRRDepYEYajaOy9S2

    1. Each person can vote only once
    2. The person needs to have a gmail account
    3. The form may be open during Pacific business hours and be closed at other times.
    4. To circumvent this system, it's necessary to create multiple gmail accounts, which makes it impossible for a bot to keep voting on itself.
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