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Where do you start any crafting quest these days?

zoidburggzoidburgg Posts: 13 Arc User
I have been searching everywhere and on my newest character it is no longer at the hometowm(City of Lost) Elder. I went back in to the Celestial Vale it is not in there either. I checked the 'R' button skills it is not automatically given. How do I become a lv.1 blacksmith so I can work my way up crafting weapons?


  • yoyohohoyoyohoho Posts: 34 Arc User
    you have to do quests given by elder, they will tell you to speak to each blacksmith, tailor, craftsman, apoth and they each will ask you to find 2 pig iron, 2 sandstone etc, when you complete the quests the reward it the level 1 book you take back to elder to learn.
  • goldfinch47goldfinch47 Posts: 182 Arc User
    You'll get a crafting quest when you reach a certain level.
  • lordlululordlulu Posts: 3 Arc User
    You'll get a crafting quest when you reach a certain level.

    Im level 25 with my new character and I still haven't gotten a notice to start crafting. For Humans, isnt the crafting quest suppose to be Etherblade or is it that new newbie area my character was put into (I started playing before 2010 so idk how much has changed)
  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 787 Community Moderator
    They changed it a few years ago so that you will receive the crafting quest at level 28 instead.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
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