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ok vs Vindicate 15-04-2017

Good Fight

IGN: Madskillz


  • capnkcapnk Posts: 486 Arc User

    Good Fight.
  • dingo488dingo488 Posts: 924 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    I don't like to measure a factions strength by the amount of Nuema Portal they have in 1 single squad, it tends to be quite inaccurate. Personally I prefer to measure with a metric called EPK (Easy Patel Kills) its basically the amount of ppl that faction had in the battle that can kill Mathew_Patel within 10 seconds. This battle ok had about 30 EPK, while Vindicate had 50 EPK. I would consider that to be a very big gear difference.
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    IGN: Madskillz
  • capnkcapnk Posts: 486 Arc User
    You act like killing Patel is an accomplishment. That guy's usually responsible for 60% of the deaths on the M screen. You are correct though that he's so fast that he fights for both sides at once.
  • eirghaneirghan Posts: 1,912 Arc User
    this was actually a really fun fight . You guys did really well for less bodies and one of your first big battles as OK. or echo. or whatever it is.​​
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