That Love for Mystics <3333 THANKS!!!!

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Dat Argent Glyph for Nature's Barrier...friggin hell..Para OP? Disarm OP? BAHAHAHAHAHA :D How about disabeling your genie for 15-30 seconds? How's that? :D

Now you can say...Mystics will be unbeatable in a 1v1 from then on. Sins could OS them before they get dangerous..other classes...well proc could save ppl..but without proc.. gg :D


  • dregenfox
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    Players can still pot while under thicket or nature's barrier for 1v1...although technically its now feasible for a group to just go 100% nuclear on a target right from the start and get a guaranteed kill. Genie is the only thing keeping people alive during ganks anyway so I'd imagine glyphing thicket will become core for mystics.

    Cleric = byebye charm
    Mystic = byebye genie
    Duskblade = byebye pots/movement
    BM = byebye weapon procs
    veno = byebye buffs

    At that point you just lay down your mouse/keyboard and say "well played" xD.
  • fabianocst
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    Make a video about this please! ;)