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    It's been roughly a month again since the last update post so here's an update on what we've been doing recently.

    Just a reminder that we do have an Events page. It doesn't have a lot of information about events and not every event is listed, but we do update it with current events that are going on, and pages for newer events are usually made pretty quickly after the event is announced/released in-game. So it's a good way to keep up with events that are upcoming or currently running.
    • There have been new events pages made for the Valentine's Day Event (now over), Spring Blessings, Archosaur's Trouble, Lantern Festival (NPCs were never activated but info is still there), and the White Day Event (needs a bit of tweaking). The St. Patrick's Day Event page hasn't been made yet. An old inactive event, the Snake Isle Dungeon Race, also got a revamp while sweeping up images.
    • We have a page on Adventure Kingdom. It includes a fair bit of information on each area and what is inside the park such as the rides and events, and includes dates for when it is opened or closed. There's also pages on each daily red quest that you can get in there, I won't link them all since there's 10 total but they can be found in the daily quests section. Daily quests from the Divination daily will be added later.
    • Speaking of Adventure Kingdom, we've also put all of the title methods on the Title System page. Previously they weren't 100% accurate, but I can guarantee that the methods listed on there now have been tested and confirmed.
    • The Faction Base page has more info on it since it was first made, though I've seen some people requesting more information about things such as Faction Talents, so eventually it will get updated with a bit more info about that. There's a couple of tidbits missing such as information on the Faction Safe since my faction actually doesn't have one.
    • @catgirldesu has also populated the Faction Trials AKA Ten-Dimensional Domain page with information on how each trial works, along with all of the prizes for individual players and faction prizes.
    • A player in a Facebook group requested an Engraving page, and we now have one. It's pretty basic at the moment so it only contains the types of engravings you can get and how much they cost etc. Later on I'd like to add some more specific information such as where to get the materials.
    • The War Avatar System page got revamped a bit. Currently it doesn't have information on War Avatar Crafting and it lacks some images. The information about Nuemas got split up into another page to prevent the main page from getting too long.
    • I've gotten back to working on restoring/removing broken images on the wiki. These are mostly images of pets so you probably won't see a lot of them around the wiki. We're down to about 123 broken images, so getting close to done! About a year ago there were around 2,500 or more broken images so we've really cut them down! After this is done I'll work on adding some missing images.
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    Another month has passed, so it's time for another update!

    It's been about a year since we first started working on the wiki again! *throws confetti* We've gotten pretty far - we've added a ton of new content and fixed up a lot of the older content. All of those broken images that used to be on the wiki have also officially been restored or cleared out! Thanks to all of you who have helped contribute to the wiki, from adding whole pages on things such as instances or class information, to even tweaking the coordinates on the title quest page, we greatly appreciate it! Looking forward to see the progress we make through the next year!

    With that aside, here's the list of additions/changes made over the last month:
    • As mentioned above, all corrupted images have now been restored or deleted. There are a fair few missing images which unfortunately I can't easily get such as the crystal in TW and such. I'll be working on obtaining missing images eventually as I come across pages that need them.
    • A few event pages have been made though all of the events are over now - the St. Patrick's Day Event, the Tsuchun's Treasure Event, and the Returned Boss Event.
    • Each race's city page (Etherblade, Lost, Plume, Tellus, Raging Tides, and Dawnglory) have some basic information put into them. They're a bit short at the moment since the format isn't established yet, but they're an improvement compared to before.
    • Several pet pages got revamped/created/edited. There's too many to list, but I'm slowly working on revamping all of them.
    • The Pet Groups page should now have every pet group on it now, with most growth chart values added to the tables. The tables are also now sortable so you can check which types of pets gets more attack, hp, etc as it levels. The growth rates for Legendary Pets aren't accurate and need to be adjusted.
    • The Rare Pet Taming Guide has been moved to Rare Pets. It also has a new look, with sections for each rare pet which allows for more information to be added about each one.
    • The Baby Pet Guide has been moved to All-Class Pets. The information has been cleaned up a bit but there's a lot of it still missing.
    • Finally rolling my sleeves up and working on revamping the Abaddon and Seat of Torment pages. These are probably our most outdated pages on the wiki. So far not a lot of work has been done on them but they're slowly being worked on.
    • Finally added information to the Treasure Hunting page (the daily quest from Sharp Spear). Previously the page said something along the lines of "this is the treasure hunting daily from sharp spear, please add information" and so I finally gave in. The page needs a bit more extra information and plenty of cleaning up and then it's good to go.
    • More Adventure Kingdom quests have been added (can be found in this category here). The ones added are the daily quests you can get from the Divination daily. They're kinda straightforward so most people already know how to do them but might as well have them on the wiki.
    • Some other miscellaneous pages got revamped, including Pet Food, Seasonal Quests, Realm of Reflection, Jolly Old Jones, Perfect Questmaster, Roll Call, Scrolls, and Supply Stash (partial).
    • I've begun work on categorizing pages. Categories usually appear at the bottoms of wiki pages so you can go exploring for other certain pages (plus it's good for organization) which had never really been done. Many pages are categorized already.
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    Another month passes by, another update post. It feels like the month practically flew by! Here's what's been updated over the last month.
    • Since a content update has been announced, information about it is being compiled on the PWI Wonderland page under a section named Wonderland Spring Content Update. I realized it's a bit lost in the Wonderland information, so I decided to try moving patch notes to a subpage and having a Notable Features section instead. It's still kinda long, so I might shorten the News Releases section as well. I'm considering making separate pages for content updates since many of them have become the same size as expansions.
    • I've made changes to how pet pages are built. Before, the pages were just one large template with lots of variables. It was initially made to give the pages a consistent format. However, the template was complex and pages became constrained by it. You couldn't easily add new info to pages without editing the template, affecting 100+ pages. So, I decided to restructure it. Now there are separate templates for pet skills and pet stats, and the rest of the info is just typed in. This way information can be easily added in even with the visual editor. All newer pet pages have been converted already.
    • Event information was added for the Dragon Brush event, though it is now over. There's also a page for the Archosaur Open tournament though the information isn't too different from the news post that went out.
    • The Heavenfall Temple page has been almost completely rewritten. It's about twice as long now since more information was added about how the levels work (though I may try to trim it down later). There's also more images on the page. There's one section around the beginning of the page that hasn't been rewritten fully yet.
    • The Crazy Stone page has been rewritten and updated. It was a bit outdated and the formatting was broken as well. Now it contains more information such as which NPCs to hand in shards at, and rewards for all levels.
    • The World Quest page is currently being rewritten. The rewards were updated thanks to an anonymous editor, and Mysterious Item info was corrected, but not sure if it's all completely up to date yet. I'll also be working on formatting it a bit nicer so it's easier to read, especially in the Mysterious Item section.
    • Celestial Vale quests on the wiki were updated since they were optimized. Some quests got retired but are still on the wiki for historical purposes. Lots of quests haven't been added yet which might not be added for a while. I'm not happy with the entire layout I've made for the quest chain and haven't decided what to do with it yet.
    • I added a couple of templates to put on top of pages so it's easier to see what needs improvement. One is an Outdated template, so you know if any pages you're reading have old inaccurate information on them - very useful since a lot of people ask if our info is updated or not. The other is a Wikify template, which means the page isn't fully formatted with things like links, headings, lists, etc. I've added these to as many pages as possible so that they're easier to find and fix. If you're interested in helping update information or formatting pages there's three categories the pages are in: Outdated articles, Articles that need to be wikified, and Cleanup.
    • And finally an update on the Seat and Abaddon pages. There's pretty much no difference on the wiki but I am slowly working on them. Dungeon pages are not my forte due to my habit of lengthy writing so it's taking a lot longer than I had hoped for.
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    A bit of an early update post since the content update dropped a few days ago.

    Content Update Stuff
    • Icebound Underworld: This page is pretty much almost done. It has information on what each boss does as well as drops and rewards. Some boss mechanics are missing because the bosses were killed too quickly for me to figure out what they actually did. And yes, the final boss drops level 1 glyphs, not level 4 glyphs.
    • Sarokkan the Dragon-Touched: This page is really bare at the moment since he hasn't made an appearance yet.
    • A page on Shards has been created. So far it just contains information on the newer shards which I'm sure everybody knows by now. More shards will be added to the page later on.
    • All of the new Adventure Kingdom events from this update have been added to the wiki. There's a main page (Summer Festival), and individual pages for each event (Summer Family Dinner, Advent of the Lords, Adventure Land Uproar).
    • Title System: Some names of Adventure Kingdom titles were changed so those have been updated. There are some new event-related titles (not obtainable yet) that haven't been added yet.

    Other Stuff
    • The Panda Form Quest page has been added, AKA the quest line that barbarians can do for their panda form skill. It's one that has been missing for a while.
    • Treasure Merchant Nosta was also added to the wiki since people are usually wondering where he is or why he's missing (though they fixed that recently).
    • The Genie Skills page has been revamped and the skill descriptions now match the ones in-game, though some information does need to be verified since even the game descriptions aren't accurate.
    • The Seat of Torment page has a bit more information on how each area works and some boss mechanics. It's not complete since I had to put it on hold for the content update landing.
    • Made a template so that pwdatabase links can be added to the ends of pages for items, mobs, quests, etc. It's been added to some pages already, such as this one. It's a pretty basic template but one that I've wanted to add for quite some time.
    • Some other miscellaneous behind-the-scenes work was done, which was mostly cleaning up template documentation and some deprecated HTML.
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    Time for another update post! My apologies for the late post, things got busy last month and it took a while to swing back into things. Not everything will be included in this post but here's some of the things that have been done recently:
    • The Title System page has had many steps and coordinates for titles corrected, and missing event titles have been added. Please keep in mind though that not all coordinates are perfect for everyone, and if titles are not popping up try relogging or freeing up inventory space. In the future some of the Neverfall titles will be improved since they're currently a bit vague.
    • The Marriage page now has details on how to divorce since they were missing, and Marriage Quests are now on their own page. The Marriage Quests page has details on quest rewards, item exchanges, etc. As for the actual quests themselves they each have their own page and most have been added.
    • Event pages were added for the June events - Area 52 and Dragon Boat Festival (now over). We already had a page on the Returned Boss Event.
    • The Coming of Age Quest Chain page (also known as Goshiki Quest Chain or Tideborn Quest Chain etc) has been updated. All quest objectives and rewards are correct now as of the most recent content update. The format was also updated to make it look cleaner.
    • The Genie pages are getting another overhaul:
      • The Genie Basics page is being rewritten and will be moved into the already-existing Genies page once done. Only a small amount has been rewritten so far.
      • There is now a page on Genie Equipment since we didn't have one before. It contains all of the gear you can craft and total Warsong Emblems to craft basic gear. The page isn't completely done but has the main stuff there.
    • The Sarokkan page has had information added to it and is pretty much done. It had most of the info on it already except boss mechanics, and it turns out the drops for the smaller treasure chests are different than the patch notes claim.
    • Some improvements were made to the CSS for the mobile version of the wiki site so now it should look a bit nicer if you browse the wiki on your phone. Before there was almost no styling so pages looked kinda bad, especially the front page. There may still be some bad looking bits on the mobile site which will be ironed out eventually as I come across them.
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    I need to get my wiki account working. But IBU may be wroth noteing the stone will soon be removed from the chest.

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    Yep, I've put that on my to-do list for when the expansion comes out :) we usually update the pages when the changes are made in-game.

    If you need any help with getting the wiki account sorted you can send a support ticket to Gamepedia and they can help you out. I remember some people had trouble with their accounts about a year ago but got it sorted through them. Note that you do need to connect a Twitch account in order to log in now.

    Also I'll make an update post in a few days since it's been almost a month since the last one again.
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    And here's the next update post! Most work this month has been more focusing on the upcoming expansion rather than the regular stuff. Lots of this preparation has been outside of the wiki so there's not a lot to show. I'll also mention some of the upcoming stuff I'm working on in this post.

    Before going into the rest of the post, I will mention that both the Wiki Posting Rules and Wiki Style Guide are in the sidebar on the wiki now so they're a lot easier to find. If you're thinking about contributing to the wiki check out those pages first for a bit of guidance.

    Expansion Preparation
    As mentioned above, we're beginning work on preparing for the upcoming expansion. An expansion page is out now (EDIT: since the name's been announced the page is now on PWI Redemption). You can check this page for a collection of news posts and stuff so you can be prepared when it comes out. We generally don't put information about upcoming stuff on regular wiki pages until the changes are made in-game, so please check the expansion page to stay informed!

    Here's some of the preparations we're making:

    Neverfall Quest Chain: A series of pages for the Neverfall Quest Chain are currently being created. There is a main page, and then there will be 4 subpages that separate the quests by sky level requirements. We'd put all the quests onto the one page but since there's a huge amount of them, it's a bit less overwhelming if we split them up.

    Current Progress: Main page added. Part 1 (Mirage Sky) of quest chain added. Part 2 (Astral Sky) of quest chain added until quest "The Dawnlight Gate". Other pages not added.

    Primal Quest Chain: I've begun preparing for adding the Primal Quest Chain to the wiki as well. This one will not have subpages but be separated differently - it will be separated by Arcane Sky Quest Chain, Mirage Sky Quest Chain, etc. That way if the new sky level isn't based in the Primal World it won't be as confusing to give the page a name.

    Current Progress: Main page added. Other pages not added.

    Historical Phases: A Historical Phases page has been created. For those who may not remember, these were the daily quests we did to unlock stuff in the Primal World and Neverfall. Most information is in there but it's not 100% accurate as a lot of information is not available.

    Regarding the new historical phases, I do not plan to specifically track progress for each server as it takes time to maintain, and it's better to work on other parts of the wiki.

    Normal Wiki Stuff
    • The Ultimate Pet List has been moved to List of Pets and is pretty much what you'd think it is - a list of venomancer pets. The old page had some info that was repeated on other pages and it was also outdated. The new page contains less info for now. Locations will be added back in later.
    • All Pet Group pages have been added or revamped now, and they should all include their growth rates except for a few of them where they aren't as easy to obtain. The comparisons for appearance and stats will come later on as I haven't looked very closely at pets.
    • A page for Resource Wars has created. A lot of people were looking for this page so it was finally time to add it in. The page includes coordinates for most bases and camps, with a few missing that I'll grab later once RW starts up again.
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    Even though the expansion's just around the corner, it's time for a wiki update post. I was sick this past month so I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but I'm slowly working on catching up on things. I'll be making another update post sometime after the expansion's out so you guys can find the new stuff easier.

    Before going into the progress, I want to remind everyone that we have an Events page that has the start and end dates for most currently running events! I've noticed a lot of people wondering when events are going to end but sadly not a lot of people are checking this page. Even if PWI doesn't announce events we do our best to add in accurate dates if we can find them. The rest of the page is still lacking in quality but we do try to keep the currently running events as up-to-date as possible.
    • The expansion page has been moved to PWI Redemption now that it has a name. All of the information on the upcoming update is on the page except for the patch notes since they aren't out yet. The rest of the wiki will not be updated with expansion-related information until it's released next week.
    • There are a few event pages relating to the anniversary: Harvest Season Event (AKA Unseen Rarities and Budding Life), The Egg's Family, and Song of Decades.
    • We were missing a page for the Treasure System but it has now been made. It contains basic information, the bonus event that sometimes pops up, and the current loot table. Hopefully the information is accurate since I never really use the Treasure System. I did find the loot table for the expansion on PWCN's website so that should be added next week. In the future I may check for other old loot tables to add to the page but it's not a high priority.
    • An update on the progress of the Neverfall Quest Chain: The 2nd part of the quest chain is finished (102 quests!). The 3rd and 4th parts are still not on the wiki yet but I will be adding the 3rd part very soon.
    • An update on the progress of the Primal Quest Chain: The Arcane Sky Quest Chain has been added. Other quest chains have not been added yet.
    • A Celestial Vale Quest Chain page has been added. I decided having individual pages for major quest chains was probably not ideal, so now all of the quests are on the same page. The retired quests were removed from the wiki but are listed at the bottom of the page so you know which ones to safely trash.
    • I decided to spruce up the low-level quest pages for each race since they were very outdated. These are the level 20-28 quests you can get after leaving Celestial Vale. So far the Human, Winged Elf, Tideborn, and Nightshade quest pages have been updated or created.
    • The Tideborn Treasure Hunt Quests page is now on a page called The Treasure. These are the red Lochmur quests you can get from level 20 and end with Sea Patrol Dragonroar. I've been working on revamping this page since it's outdated - so far only a couple of the quests have been cleaned up as of writing but the rest should be done in the next couple of days.
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    Since the expansion has been out for a week, it's time to update you guys on what we've added to the wiki so far. Some things are a still a work-in-progress so be sure to check the wiki regularly for new updates. If you're looking for items though, you might be better off checking the encyclopedia in-game (press Ctrl + 3 to find it) or wait for pwdatabase to update eventually. We don't have most items on the wiki since there's tens of thousands of them in the game and not enough time to add them.

    Expansion Stuff
    The expansion page has had patch notes added to it, which you can find on this page here. They are organized and written slightly differently from the news post and should be easy to read. Some undocumented changes are on there too but some still have to be added. You can click through to most of the links on that page to see the new and updated stuff.

    Below is what we've added or are working on. Future Royal Sky quests and Historical Phases are not on the wiki yet and will not be until they're unlocked or I can access them in-game, so that they're accurate - some quests have special logic that aren't easy to find info on (like the Missing Boy from Royal Sky 1). I will edit this post for a few weeks with updates to those if we get them.

    Anyway without further ado here's the updates relating to Redemption:
    • A new event, You want a Zongzi, don't you? was recently activated, and has been added to the wiki. It's basically the same as the Snake Isle Dungeon Race that used to happen years ago.
    • The event Perfect World With You was also added to the wiki, and only lasts until the 27th.
    • The first Historical Phase for this update has been added, and you can find the daily quest page by clicking here. There are a total of 3 phases this update. The remaining 2 will be added once Twilight Temple (my server) unlocks them. Progress for each server is not being tracked since I can't access the map on other servers.
    • The Royal Sky Quest Chain page has information on Royal Sky 1 and 2 so far. Future quests will be added once I level my Royal Sky but I'm a bit behind. Some parts of the quest are locked behind the Historical Phases and so they won't be added until those phases are complete.
    • The Mystical Tome page is now just called Tome. It has been updated to include decomposing info and the new crafting recipes. The community tools on tomes have also been marked as outdated, but haven't been removed for now. They may be removed in the future.
    • The Mysterious Merchant (Dungeon) has been added. The page includes all of the possible combinations of items he can sell, along with their minimum and maximum prices - the price he offers items at is random between the minimum and maximum.
    • The new permanent daily Flame of Vengeance is now on the wiki. Also, all of the Primal World and Western Steppes daily pages have had their rewards and requirements updated.
    • Some new titles were added. There's a new event title, and some new Adventure Kingdom titles. Note that some of the new Adventure Kingdom titles are broken for some people.
    • The new Treasure System loot table has been added to the wiki, including the percentage. I didn't end up using PWCN's table since the numbers didn't add up at all. The previous loot table has been moved into another section.
    • Sacred Realm Phantoms AKA the vitae mobs have been added. The page includes the types, locations, and vitae rewards (without vitae buffs) depending on the scenario (sky level, limit reached, etc). There's some info that isn't added about shared vitae in squads since I'm not great at math, but it is similar to how EXP is shared in squads.
    • The Engraving page has been updated with Spirit Chisel requirements for each engrave. The page is still missing a bit of basic information, including where Spirit Chisels come from (answer: only through the Treasure System for now).
    • Miscellaneous: These pages were updated but are too minor to talk about - Unique Rewards, Icebound Underworld, Flowsilver Palace, Star Chart, Chienkun Transfer Charts, Boundary, Genie Basics, Genie Skills, Consignment Shop

    Normal Wiki Stuff
    Below is stuff not really related to the expansion that was added to the wiki.
    • An update on the progress of the Neverfall Quest Chain: The 3rd part and 4th part of the quest chain are completed - all pages done! I'll go back over them eventually to clean up and add some missing coordinates.
    • An update on the Primal Quest Chain: The Mirage Sky Quest Chain has been added. Other sky levels will not be added for a while (except Royal Sky of course).
    • The Decomposing Equipment page is now just called Decomposing. It got rewritten, with the info about chi stones being removed. It's kind of related to the expansion but not quite. The page does not include what materials equipment decomps into - I'm not sure how we could present that info on the wiki or find that info quickly and easily.
    • The Bounty Hunter page has been fully updated after being outdated for about a year. The only thing not on there at the moment is the BH 100+/MBH combinations.
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    Time for another update post! We're back to regular wiki editing again since most of the expansion stuff has been added by now. Reminder that Pwdatabase has updated, so if you need info you can't find on the wiki check on Pwdatabase, especially items because we don't really do pages for those yet.

    Going into the subject of items, I've noticed that we get a lot of searches daily for items that are found on pwdatabase, and these searches are still pretty frequent. I don't get a chance to talk to anyone who uses the wiki so I'm not sure if they don't know about pwdatabase or want more information on certain items. In any case, I am now planning to add items to the wiki. For now only complex items (e.g. Hyper EXP Stone) and common items (e.g. Hay) will be added. This will be a slowish process as I figure out the formatting and work on other pages on the wiki since we only have 1 active editor.

    Here's a list of some of the stuff that's been worked on this month:
    • An update on the Royal Sky Quest Chain: Quests have been added up to Royal Sky 6. More will continue to be added as I get more sky levels.
    • The Permanent Ban Lifted daily quest is on the wiki now. The Historical Phases page has been updated to include it. Once we finish this one we will get a new daily quest, hooray!
    • An update on the Primal Quest Chain: The Astral Sky Quest Chain has been added. Shifting and Twilight Sky will take a while since I don't have characters ready for those yet.
    • I've made an item page for Hay, the most searched for item on the wiki. I'm using it as an experiment page so it is subject to change. It has a tooltip, which you can see on the Pet Food page if you hover over the Hay link (it takes a few seconds to load). I've included links to pwdatabase for the drop table to encourage people to use it due to our lack in item/monster pages. I won't add more item pages yet since I'm not 100% satisfied with the setup of the page yet.
    • The Morai Quest Chain has been added. It's a somewhat important quest chain which was surprisingly not on the wiki. It's also up-to-date with the level requirements and rewards. I did try to put it in order of the story which hopefully it is.
    • I've cleaned up and rewritten the Endless Universe page. Its now formatted a lot better, and has more details on how the dungeon works and updated rewards. It also links to the EU section of each class's skill book page so you can see what you can get. I didn't get to confirm all details I added to the page though so some mob or boss info might be a bit inaccurate. I plan to rework the Advanced Endless Universe page as well since the formatting is...confusing.
    • The prerequisite quests to enter both Endless Universe and Advanced Endless Universe are now on their own pages, named Stolen Essences and A Tiny Fib (Growing Concerns redirects there too). These are linked from the EU and AEU pages as well.
    • A page for Legendary Quests has been added. These quests are the red ones you can find under the Legend section in your quest log. I've listed some quests on there but still need to add more. For now only a small amount of the quests have actually been added to the wiki. I will be working on these shortly as the quests are searched for a lot. The quests will also be linked to from other quest pages depending on the level requirements for them.
      • Here's a list of Legendary quests that have been added to the wiki so far but not necessarily linked on the Legendary Quest page yet: Dream Journey, The Treasure (finished updating), all Glyph Slot quests.
    • The Glyph Slots page has been added. It includes all of the quests to unlock each glyph slot. Since these are technically Legendary quests they will also be linked over on that page once I work on it some more.
    • The rest of the low-level quests (Earthguard, Untamed) have been rewritten. The higher level quest pages will be rewritten eventually - they will also have slight name adjustments as well.
    • Both the Reawakening I and Reawakening II quest chains have been added to the wiki, since some people were searching for those regularly and you can't really trash them.
    • The Divine Contract page has been rewritten and updated so it's now easier to understand, and the lists of quests are presented better. It also now includes the Primal World divine quests. Each quest is linked to its Pwdatabase entry so you can look for locations on there (Note: Abaddon and Seat of Torment coordinates on pwdatabase are incorrect but I put which sections they're in on the page).
    • The Cube of Fate page has been cleaned up and mostly rewritten so it should be easier to read and follow. I still need to rewrite the introduction and preparation sections as well as preparation for advanced cube runs.
    • There is now a Set Bonus page. This page lists every single set in the game with a set bonus (about 142 of them). It's a little bit too large since it lists all pieces that make up a set and their icons. I will eventually split these up into separate pages since we're going to be getting lots more sets in the future (G17 sets and new class sets). Each piece of gear is linked to Pwdatabase so people can check there for their individual stats and how to obtain them, since we currently don't have gear pages on the wiki.
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    @obielle I personally think its a shame the EU page have its exact pre-quests deleted, at least thats something I personally used a lot in the past. Maybe Im missing it, but according to the updated page it looks like you have to do the whole morai questchain, while you in truth only have to do the very beginning and then the very end part; you can skip or save the most of the chain.
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    shopcheese wrote: »
    @obielle I personally think its a shame the EU page have its exact pre-quests deleted, at least thats something I personally used a lot in the past. Maybe Im missing it, but according to the updated page it looks like you have to do the whole morai questchain, while you in truth only have to do the very beginning and then the very end part; you can skip or save the most of the chain.

    Thanks for the feedback on that, I can see how that'd be really inconvenient for people needing quick access to the dungeon. I'll check over the required quests and add a list back on the EU page, and I'll also see if I can fit that info on the quest page to unlock EU as well as the general Morai Quest Chain page.

    If you have any other feedback for the wiki let me know, I'd really appreciate hearing from people what they like/dislike or what they'd like to see improved. :)

    EDIT: I've gone ahead and added the list of quests to the EU, Morai Quest Chain, and Stolen Essences pages. These changes should show up shortly.
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    Here's this month's update post, even though it's a little late. I apologize if you were having trouble searching in the middle of November! Gamepedia had an update which actually broke the searches for a little while. They have been fixed so search results should appear now.

    A lot of focus this month has been setting up for item pages. I've begun adding some more, and there will be a section at the bottom of each update post from now on stating which items I've added. Equipment and packs will be included later down the line but I am still preparing on setting those up. Things like mounts/flyers/fashion aren't planned for now since they require a lot more work (acquiring images).

    And now for the rest of the updates:
    • The Reborn In Fire daily quest is now on the wiki, since the last Historical Phase has been completed.
    • An update on the Royal Sky Quest Chain: Royal Sky 7 and 8 have been added to the wiki. Royal Sky 9 should come in maybe a week. The whole page should be completed in about a month.
    • We now have a Warsoul Weapon page. This page lists the NW method to making both casts of the weapons and includes some of the costs in tokens, materials, and coin fee. It does also have a section on the old method (with TT/Lunar/etc mats), which is tedious and expensive but is there for people who may be curious.
    • There's also a Warsoul Materials page which refers to the materials used to make the weapons and other equipment. It mentions the methods to getting each material (and costs if applicable). It has recipes to create cube necklaces and warsong belts for now but these recipes might eventually be moved.
    • Pages for each weapon type are in the process of being created (24 weapon types so 24 pages). So far, the Saber and Scythe pages have been made. Each page will list every obtainable weapon of its type, grade, requirements, stats, and acquisition. It won't include random addons, monsters that drop them, crafting recipes, or images (other than icons). Each weapon is linked to their pwdatabase entry so you can find most of the non-included information there instead. I may separate the list of weapons by common (purchased/crafted at blacksmith) and rare (everything else) to make it easier to find the "better" weapons.
    • The Reincarnation Pestle quests are on the wiki, possibly also known as Dragon City Diplomat. They're the quests at level 100+ that give you the free 79/100 skill book plus the Green Wood Song title.
    • The Repairing Gear page has been moved to Durability. It has been rewritten with more information about durability and repairing. Calculating repair costs isn't included since some gear calculates it differently to others from what I've seen.
    • The Shattered Gear page has been rewritten. It should be clearer on certain parts of information and includes an image of shattered gear so players don't confuse it with broken equipment through durability loss. This page doesn't include specific Chi Stone types/amounts that drop; this info will go on individual equipment pages in the future.
    • All Neverfall side quests have been added. Here are the links to each one: Love Cookies, Farris's Frustration, Girls Gone Missing, What Lurks Below, and The Romantic Swordsman. What Lurks Below is the quest with all the titles.
    • The Dragonbreath Quest Chain is now on the wiki. These are the quests that give you 5 Dragonbreath Fragments for free. This page does NOT give locations for Jan Holfen and Shon Saiven because their locations are different for every server every day. There is a link on the page to the Homestead NPC Locator to help you find them, which is updated daily by players.

    Item Pages
    I've changed the way links to item pages work. Instead of seeing a normal-looking link, you will see the link similarly to how you'd see it in-game if you linked it in the chat box. For example, instead of seeing ★★★Crown of Madness, you would see [★★★Crown of Madness] with an icon next to it (note: Crown of Madness is not on the wiki so it hasn't got a link, that's just an example). Each link is colored depending on the item name in-game, so Crown of Madness would have a red link on the wiki. Currently only item pages that exist on the wiki have this special type of link. Items that link to pwdatabase will not be changed to the new link style.

    I've created infoboxes for some item types already. You can see an example of one on the Hay page. There's also infoboxes with tabs at the top for variations of the same item (useful for common gear) - you can see an example of this on the Wraith Robe page. These infoboxes are not final so they might have more stuff added to them in the future. There will be more types coming soon as I need them.

    Below is a list of items added recently:
    I will continue adding more items over the next month but I'm doing it all manually. At the moment I am prioritizing common searches or common low level stuff but some uncommon stuff gets grouped in with them also.
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    Making a quick wiki update post since we're getting some new content today. I didn't post for last month's progress yet so I'll add that now. I'll probably make another update post in a few days to a week after this one if there's enough content.

    First of all, I started to revamp the Frequently Asked Questions page, but I still need to add a lot of questions/answers onto there. It will cover a bunch of subjects about the game such as installation, Arc, troubleshooting, and in-game stuff for newbies or returning players. I don't plan to add super specific stuff (how do I play this class, what does this item do) since that stuff should be found on the wiki or pwdatabase.

    That said, the Frequently Asked Questions page isn't a place to ask random questions or ask for help - the forums is much more suited to that as more people can help there. If it's not suitable for the page it will be removed.

    Anyway here's the rest of the stuff I added last month.
    • Because it's now 2019, info from the Arc Codes (archive here) and Sign-In Event (archive here) pages have been moved to archives so the pages don't get too long. You can find links to the archives on each page as well.
    • The Royal Sky Quest Chain page is now complete! Some coordinates for places might need to be added, plus any tips I may have missed.
    • The Shifting Sky Quest Chain page has been added. The Twilight Sky Quest Chain page has been added up until Twilight Sky 8. I will add 9 and 10 to the page once I get the new content out of the way.
    • The Shifting Sky Quest chain also includes the Haunted Woods legendary quest which is on the same page.
    • An Account Stash page was created. Not a ton of new info since you can find most info on it on the Storage page as well.
    • The Mount page has a bit more information and has been cleaned up. Missing mount speed increasing methods were also added in except faction-related ones which I'll add in later. I'd like to add a list of mounts on a new page but I need more images before I can do that. I have a bunch from news posts but need to name them and figure out which ones I'm missing.
    • The Fireworks page has been given more information, as it was one of shortest pages on the wiki. It includes a list of most obtainable fireworks, including translations for some that display chinese messages. It also includes the newer "fireworks" AKA the lotus and rose that puts out the lovey dovey system messages. There aren't images of fireworks yet but I'm planning on adding these sometime in the future.
    • All of the older pet pages on the wiki have been updated to a new format. I'm currently working on adding missing pet pages to the wiki - there are less than 80 to go last I checked. I am also planning on adding all of the evolved pets but they will take a bit more work with all the moods/evolved pet skills.

    Item Pages
    Not a lot of work was done for items this past month towards items due to the holidays. Just focusing on Dragon Quest items for now since they're not too difficult to add. Here's a list of them: If we are getting an update for Twilight Temple like we've seen for PWCN, there is a chance that I'll add pages for the new materials along with the new equipment but I will need to set up those pages first.
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    Sorry for the lack of update posts - I've been pretty busy so not much time to work on the wiki. This post will cover the last 2 months of progress including content update related stuff. Progress will continue to be a bit slow over the next month or so but I hope to catch up soon.

    For the content update related stuff, you can find information on the PWI Redemption page under the January 2019 Content Update section. This section also includes a link to the patch notes which should also include some undocumented changes too. The patch notes page should link to just about everything that's new or updated.

    Here's a list of the updates made over the last couple of months. I may have missed some since it has been a while.
    • The Twilight Temple Revisited page was created. Many thanks to Wyvelin for working on the page. It includes all boss information (including Twilight Minister Hidden Mode) and all drop tables.
    • The List of Twilight Temple Materials page has been slightly reformatted and now includes the new materials.
    • Twilight Warsoul Gear was added to the wiki. It includes all of the equipment, the set bonuses, and crafting methods. I want to make individual pages for the equipment as well but haven't had time to do so.
    • Twilight Souls were also added to the wiki. These can be used to change the stats on Twilight Warsoul Gear. It only includes information from this update - the addons you can get on armor won't be on the wiki until they're officially released in our version of the game.
    • A page on the Warsoul Repository was created. I don't have access to this system so had to rely on information from others to make this page but hopefully things are accurate.
    • The Twilight Wraiths event is on the wiki. You can farm keys for the new Twilight Temple in this event. The page includes drop rates for each type of mob.
    • The quest chain named Expedition was added to the wiki. This is the short quest chain that introduces you to the new Twilight Temple. Make sure to follow the steps carefully at Lord of Percussion and Princess of Moonlight.
    • I'm currently working on the Rank 8 Recast page but it isn't done yet. Equipment is slowly being added to the page but most other information is there. I plan to work on the Rank 8 3rd Cast page afterwards.
    • Venomancer pet pages are almost complete with only 6 to go. I can't add info on Legendary Pets sadly as I don't own any of them. I plan to work on the evolved pets afterwards and work on revamping the Venomancer Pet Evolution page.
    • The Chienkun Transfer Charts page has more info for newer equipment (Twilight Warsoul, Dragonbreath Weapons, etc). Arigora equipment isn't included yet but hope to add it later.
    • The Treasure System loot table was updated.
    • Faction Goals on the Faction Base page were updated, and dungeons with Faction Goals now mention them on their pages. I need to rewrite the Faction Base page a little bit at some point as well.
    • The Twilight Sky Quest Chain page has been completed. This means all of the Boundary/Sky Level quests are now on the wiki!
    • Some miscellaneous pages that were added or edited: Inventory, Fashion, Suffering of Lover

    No item pages were added over the last couple of months though I hope to add some more soon.
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    Time for another update post. Not much progress again this month as I've been moving countries but I should now have some time to work on the wiki again as I'm beginning to settle in.

    It's been just over two years since we started actively working on the wiki again! Over this last year we've seen the introduction to tooltips, tabs, item pages, new and revamped quest chain pages, an almost complete catalog of battle pets, and more! I'm hoping to fill these out a lot more over the next year along with some much-needed revamps on sections such as our class pages.

    You may have noticed that images work differently when you click on some of them. Now when you click on an image it will show you a bigger version of it without leaving the page you're on, and you can also look through multiple images on the same page. It doesn't do this with all images though so some may still work the old way. If you don't want to see images in this way it's really easy to disable - just click on an image, click the cog to the right side of the viewer, then confirm to disable it. You might need to have a user account to do it but I haven't checked.

    Other than that, here's a few things I've been working on for the last month:
    • All regular battle pet pages are done (other than legendary pets)! I will need to go back and fix up some coordinates on a few pages, but everything else is complete. See the pet list here.
    • I've been adding some of the evolved pets. I have currently added Imperial Skeleton, Flaming Crystal, and Celestial Giant. I'll be adding the others once I get some more skill information for moods.
    • The Rank 8 Recast page has been completed and includes all armor/weapons and their potential stats. I will be working on Rank 8 Third Cast soon.
    I've begun some work on reworking our current class pages since we will be getting new classes in the future and we don't exactly have a consistent format for them. This will include reworking other class-related pages like builds, skills, guides, etc. Below is a list of stuff I've worked on so far, though there will be more to come.
    • Stat build pages will now have a new format that should be a lot clearer for players looking to start out on new classes. An example of this is the Mystic Builds page. I will also include a section for "uncommon" builds like light armor for magic classes in case players want a unique playstyle, but I haven't added those yet.
    • Skill and glyph pages are getting a new format that should be easier to read. So far Archer Skill/Glyph, Assassin Skill/Glyph, and Barbarian Skill/Glyph have the new format. Each skill now includes level 1~10 values and extra info like channel/cast/cooldown times. I've also moved the sage and demon versions of each basic skill into tabs so that there can be more information on each skill and not just their basic effects, while still being able to compare each cultivation by clicking between the tabs.
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  • datsang
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    I know this is a very big commitment to take on but would it be possible to add all the flyers into Wiki with pictures? Finding information on how flyers look like is painful, realized that when I had to get human flyer for the upcoming human class.
  • obielle
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    datsang wrote: »
    I know this is a very big commitment to take on but would it be possible to add all the flyers into Wiki with pictures? Finding information on how flyers look like is painful, realized that when I had to get human flyer for the upcoming human class.

    It's something I'd like to do but probably not possible right now since there's probably 500+ flyers - I'm not even sure how ecatomb managed it back when he had his website. Currently the only thing I can do is gather all images from PWI news posts but the quality can be questionable and many will be missing. I know many people want pictures of flyers, mounts, and fashion but I don't have a method to acquire images easily unfortunately as a 1-person team.
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    Time to make it a team effort!
  • obielle
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    shopcheese wrote: »
    Time to make it a team effort!

    Haha yes, that would be nice to eventually get others in to help out though I don't really know a lot of people in-game. For now I'll have to work on some formatting and compiling lists for all the flyers/mounts/fash/etc which will take some time to set up.

    Currently I've set up a List of Aerogear page which is pretty empty for the moment (still need to gather info), and a flyer page for the Royal Sakura which is my test page. I'm planning to upload more flyer images that I have (as placeholders mostly) to add to the List of Aerogear page, and then I'll add some more flyer pages but they will initially be pretty empty in comparison to the test page.
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    Okie dokie, here's another update post. Only have a few things to update on this month since the few projects I was working on were quite large. Mostly just work on the class pages and adding flyers to the wiki. I'm hoping to be able to wrap up some old projects over the next month so I can actually focus on the more important stuff that people probably want (like flyers/mounts/fashion).

    Also quick note that pwdatabase has seemed to finally update so you can check out all of the new items there where the wiki might lack info on them, so pack drop rates will be on there and such. Some of the newer items like Twilight Souls might lack some details though.

    Here's what I've worked on over the last month:
    • I've finished revamping the skill/glyph pages for each class, so sage/demon skills now have more info and there's a new format. Skill descriptions have been checked vs descriptions in-game as well and might be slightly tweaked according to any in-game text errors. I may work on non-class skill pages later. Here's all of the class skill pages again: Archer Skills/Glyphs, Assassin Skills/Glyphs, Barbarian Skills/Glyphs, Blademaster Skills/Glyphs, Cleric Skills/Glyphs, Duskblade Skills/Glyphs, Mystic Skills/Glyphs, Psychic Skills/Glyphs, Seeker Skills/Glyphs, Stormbringer Skills/Glyphs, Venomancer Skills/Glyphs, Wizard Skills/Glyphs
    • I've added most evolved and legendary pets to the wiki, along with things like their moods and skills that come with them. Battlebot and Corgi are missing but I hope to get info on these two soon.

    A lot of people have been requesting mount/flyer/fashion images over the last couple of years. I'm finally starting to work on flyers for now as a side project - mounts and fashion will have to come later. Since I cannot collect images in-game right now I've gathered them from old PWI news posts, ecatomb, and PWCN for newest flyers. These images will be replaced some time in the future.

    I've created a List of Aerogear page which has a list of every flyer that was released in PWI (to my knowledge) with pictures you can scroll through. You can also click the name of each flyer to see more detailed information about it. Some images are missing but the newest flyer images are there. I'm still working on adding some details to each table, especially the acquisition methods.

    There are pages on every single flyer, but the Royal Sakura page is the only flyer page with information on it. The rest of the flyer pages will be very bare until I have time to add the information to each page which will take a while since there's almost 300 of them.

    I may also consider adding some of the packs onto the wiki so you can see drop rates directly from there instead of having to search the internet for them, but I will probably do this once I've wrapped up some other projects or added information to flyer pages.
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    Surprised you are creating a page for every single flyer. I myself just imagined a list of flyers, their speed, and where to obtain. Other than that, everything else is more or less the same for every flyer - how to upgrade etc.

    The list is a little overwhelming to me but I'll keep an eye out for some of the missing flyers and snatch a screenshot if i see them.
  • obielle
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    shopcheese wrote: »
    Surprised you are creating a page for every single flyer. I myself just imagined a list of flyers, their speed, and where to obtain. Other than that, everything else is more or less the same for every flyer - how to upgrade etc.

    The list is a little overwhelming to me but I'll keep an eye out for some of the missing flyers and snatch a screenshot if i see them.

    Part of the reason I created the pages was so that additional info could be added beyond just the basics that are on that main page, in case people are interested in that info. For example there may be a need for multiple images (like with Earthguard flyers). There's also multiple versions of flyers with different speeds that have different acquisition methods - one example would be the flyers from Roll Call that also have 3.3/6.3 versions of themselves. It should also make it easier for people to find flyers through searching through places like google since it doesn't seem to give the List of Aerogear page as a result all the time.

    Those pages shouldn't be too difficult for me to populate since I've been providing much of the info already on the main page, just a bit time consuming due to the amount of them. I'm working on Human flyers first and then after that it'll get much quicker as the info for each other race should be pretty much the same. Once they're all up-to-date then adding new flyers should be very easy to add as PWI releases them.

    Thanks for looking out for some of the missing flyers :) I believe most of them are flyers that can be acquired through RW and Adventure Kingdom. Others are just ridiculously rare because the packs aren't around much or they're from the X Pack which seems to require lots of luck to even get the flyer token.
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    insead of working on Wiki, work on a way to talk to an GM (like vent) the ticket thing blows. it's hard for someone like me who isn't good with PC's to find them. most of the stuff that come up , is hard to explane. as you can already tell i can't spell all that well, so trying to tell GM by typing is hard (not only just for me, i'm sure there's others)
  • obielle
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    edited May 2019
    insead of working on Wiki, work on a way to talk to an GM (like vent) the ticket thing blows. it's hard for someone like me who isn't good with PC's to find them. most of the stuff that come up , is hard to explane. as you can already tell i can't spell all that well, so trying to tell GM by typing is hard (not only just for me, i'm sure there's others)

    Unfortunately I do not have any access to PWI staff or GMs at all, nor do I work for PWI - I am a player just like you. The only way you'll be able to contact a GM is through sending a ticket or using their live chat found at
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    PWI gave us another major update (without notice), so here's a quick update for what we've been working on so far. There's a lot of work to do, especially with the new classes and our quest pages as several are now outdated. All current projects are on hold for the next week or more.

    For the expansion details, there is a PWI Wings of Rebirth page with some of the details. There's also a Patch Notes page which includes things not documented in PWI's patch notes. There's a few things not mentioned in there relating to quests and Twilight Temple Revisited as these need to be translated still.

    Anyways, here's everything we've been working on. Note that some of these are still a work-in-progress and not finished.

    Class Stuff
    The Technician and Edgerunner classes are on the wiki, but there is very little information about them at the moment since they're pretty new. If you guys have any info about how to play these classes please consider contributing to the wiki or posting to this thread on your thoughts of the new classes so far. We absolutely need help from other players to complete these pages, especially for PvE and PvP related info.

    These classes have a slightly different layout on the wiki to other classes, which is what I hope to do with the rest of the classes, but some of the stuff is experimental and might not actually stay if we can't make it work. Here's a list of pages I'd like to have on the wiki for the new classes, and their progress so far:
    • Main Class Pages (Technician/Edgerunner): Very empty. We need LOTS of help with this one. The formats may be tweaked in the future when we can fill other pages.
    • Skill Pages (Technician/Edgerunner): Both of these pages are complete. I've heard some people are having trouble viewing these pages - if you're using Google Chrome it's buggy with the wiki at the moment.
    • Glyph Pages: These haven't been made yet. I'm hoping to have these up today or tomorrow.
    • Skill Books: These haven't been made yet. I'll be working on these after the Glyph skill pages.
    • Beginner Guide: These haven't been made yet (it's different from the Beginner's Guide we already have). The idea for these pages would be to help newbies starting out. It'd mention how the classes work, how to use their special mechanics, breakdowns of skills and their usefulness, leveling up, and some tips. At the moment this page is an experiment so I don't know if they'll actually be made.
    • Advanced Guide: These haven't been made yet. Unlike the Beginner Guide this page would be more suitable for those at higher-levels or possibly even endgame and would give tips for both PvE and PvP - maybe their role in certain dungeons or in PK/TW/Colosseum/etc. This page is also an experiment but I think it'll be useful enough to actually have.
    • Sage vs Demon: These haven't been made yet. We have a page like this for archers already and I think it's a good idea. The discussion of choosing sage or demon for a class could go into quite a bit of detail to help players make the choice.

    Other Expansion Stuff
    • The Twilight Temple Revisited page is now a generic page that links to Twilight Temple Revisited Part 1 and Twilight Temple Revisited Part 2. All the information that was previously on the page can be found at Twilight Temple Revisited Part 1.
    • The Twilight Temple Revisited Part 2 page has been created but has no information. I'm hoping to fill this page with the drop rates and other info soon once some videos and such are released by the playerbase.
    • The List of Twilight Temple Materials page has been updated to include acquisition methods for the Part 2 materials.
    • The Treasure System loot table has been updated as of 22nd of May, 2019. The Bonus Event table has also been updated.
    • The List of Aerogear page has the new flyers on there as well as images from PWCN's site. We don't have mount or fashion images on the wiki but I've made an imgur album for them here:
      I've also added some information on flyers for Humans and Nightshades but more won't be added until I finish other expansion stuff.
    • The Unique Rewards and Roll Call pages have both been retired. Information will stay on these pages for historical purposes. There's no Growth Goal page right now but I plan to make the page soon.
    • The Marriage page now includes information on Couple Karma. Karma Tree information isn't added yet. The divorce section has been updated but doesn't have specific information because I'm too scared to test how it works. The Marriage Quests page and their subpages will be updated soon.
    • There is a page on the Master and Apprentice System. It includes a lot of information about how it works along with the rewards. I couldn't find the flyer rewards anywhere so they won't be added for now.
    • There is also a page on the Master and Apprentice Instance which includes information on all 3 challenges. I also included some tips for players to finish the challenges easier (especially if you are soloing it with alts) - feel free to add your own if you have any.
    • Most of the rank pages have been updated with new classes. Here's the ones I've worked on so far: Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3, Rank 4, Rank 5, Rank 6, Rank 7, Rank 8. The rest will be worked on eventually.

    And one small miscellaneous thing not related to the expansion specifically:
    • I did some work on revamping the Expansions part of the wiki, including the expansion pages themselves. They are similar to the PWI Wonderland and PWI Redemption pages where patch notes are on separate pages so that they can be as detailed as possible. Here's the pages I got done before Wings of Rebirth came out: The Lost Empire, Age of Spirits, Rising Tide, Genesis, Descent.

    There's still a lot that needs to be done and we appreciate your patience while we get these things up on the wiki :) I'm hoping to make another update post maybe in a week or two when more progress has been made.
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    obielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 1,214 Community Moderator
    Oops it's been almost a month! I suppose I've made enough progress on the wiki for another update post. I appreciate everyone's patience while I update things - at the moment I'm the only one updating and adding new content and I'll admit I haven't been doing things as quickly as I've wanted to. I haven't had a lot of time to work on things due to real life commitments.

    We REALLY need contributors for the Technician and Edgerunner class pages, they're so empty! These pages are simply not a one-person job especially since I don't have time to play the new classes. At most I can make the builds pages but that's all I can really do for now.

    We now have links to articles on the sidebar for quick access, separated into sections. There are a few pages on there that I will be fixing up such as the Beginner's Guide. In the future the "Lists" section will include some other links for mounts, fashion, etc :) but those pages don't exist yet. If you think we missed any links, let me know and I'll consider them! No guarantees the links can be put on the sidebar though, since we have a lot of links already and we can't make it too long.

    Quest Stuff
    With this expansion most of the quest content on the wiki became very outdated. There's still a lot of work to do but I'm getting through it slowly. I'm planning to do a complete overhaul of the quests part of our wiki as the old format from 6 years ago is quite dated, though this will take a while.

    Anyways, here's the list of things I've been working on so far to do with quests:
    • The Primal Quest Chain page has updated requirements - it's now rb1 90 to start the quests. I've also made this change on the Primal World page.
    • The Arcane Sky Quest Chain has exp/spirit rewards now, on top of the vitae rewards. The level requirement was also changed to rb1 90+.
    • The Mirage Sky Quest Chain had its requirements changed completely. It also has exp/spirit rewards now on top of the vitae rewards.
    • The Celestial Vale Quest Chain has had the quest rewards adjusted. Some quests were also renamed or removed from the game. Maximum level requirements have been removed.
    • Celestial Saint Cultivation had an NPC changed in one quest - a minor change. The page has been rewritten to have more details on the quests, including rewards.
    • Chaotic Soul Cultivation has had its rewards added since these were missing. Missing quests and quest objectives were added, and the Celestial Demon section now has the correct quests listed.
    • The Morai Quest Chain had its level requirement changed along with mob kill counts and quest rewards. You also have to do the majority of the quest chain to unlock Endless Universe.
    • The Coming of Age Quest Chain now gives a QSM 55 weapon and armor set, and can be done whether reawakened or not. Rewards and quest objectives were also updated.
    • The Reawakening I Quest Chain had its level requirement changed to rb1 80, and the rewards were also changed. Total rewards are at the end of the page now as well.
    • The Reawakening II Quest Chain had its level requirement changed to rb2 80, and the rewards were also changed. Total rewards are at the end of the page now as well.
    • Meridian's Knowledge was updated since it was already on the wiki, and the contents from The Essence page were moved there. The level requirement and rewards were the only things updated.
    • The Token of the Seven quest chain was updated since it was already on the wiki. It was so outdated it had PWMY names on it, so almost everything that was on that page has changed.
    • The One-man Army quests were actually retired with this expansion. They're still on the wiki for historical purposes. I plan to clean this page up sometime in the future but it's low priority.
    • Mystic Summons and Mystic Plants no longer need quests or skill books to learn the basic versions. I took the opportunity to reformat and add more details to these pages while updating them.
    • The Perfect World Anecdote page has been added, but still needs a little more polish. It gives a basic introduction to the system and lists all quest chains found in it. It also mentions all of the titles you can get from it. As for the quest chains themselves, they will be added to the wiki later.

    Expansion Stuff
    Some progress was also made towards other expansion content. Here's a list of what I've worked on:
    • The Technician and Edgerunner Glyph pages have been finished. There's no detailed Glyph Information but most classes don't have it either. I can't add this information unfortunately.
    • Technician and Edgerunner Skill Books were also finished. There's not really a lot of methods to getting them right now, but I'm sure they'll add more in a future update.
    • There is now a Master Quests and Apprentice Quests page. These pages are for the small quest lines you get as you reach each tier in the Master and Apprentice System. Currently the first two sets of quests have been fully added but I will continue to add more as I gain access to them.
    • The Karma Tree info is now on the Marriage page, but I don't know anything about what happens when it's watered for a year. Some of the page also needs to be written a little better but I'll get around to that another time.
    • The Phoenix Valley page has been rewritten to include Solo Mode (level 55-99) and Squad Mode (level 95+ and 100+) sections. The Solo Mode is the only one with actual content in it at the moment, and includes the amount of experience to expect at each level (not including exp-boosting stuff). The Squad Mode section is currently missing most of its details since it requires more work. I left the remnants of the old page in there but that will be removed once I have time to add the squad mode content.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
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    It's that time again for another update post. I moved houses last month so I didn't get much time to work on things. Things should be settling down soon. For most of the month I've been focusing on updating some of the quests. I did update a few other things here and there but there's still heaps of stuff to do.

    Here's a list of the stuff that was worked on this month:
    • The Twilight Temple Revisited Part 2 page has been fully written. This was delayed because I never got a chance to enter the dungeon, so I've used several videos and the bestiary to gather information. Hopefully the information is still accurate even though the dungeon has been out for a while - there's a chance I missed some mechanics here and there. If I ever get inside the dungeon I may take more pictures of the bosses and the battles.
    • The Title System page has all of the new titles added in their own sections - Master and Apprentice Titles, Couple Titles, and Perfect World Anecdote Titles. A couple of Adventure Kingdom titles changed (very minor, instances of "&" were changed to "and"). No other new obtainable titles for now from what I know.
    • The Rank 8 Recast page now has Technician and Edgerunner gear. Thanks Dm6506 for adding these in! Remaining rank pages don't have the new class's gear yet but I'll be adding these when I get time.
    • The Growth Goal page has been added. It includes rewards for every level range, with information geared towards newer players for each goal. Each level range includes the total Reputation in the section, and overall Reputation that can be earned can be found at the top of the page. If you're looking for how to get your level up rewards, it says in there about 3 times how to scroll up to find rewards - please read these instructions carefully, as there will probably not be any images or gifs showing you how.
    • Because PWI has now categorized the Neverfall quests (finally!!!) I've moved the quests around. Pre-Neverfall quests can now be found at Map to Neverfall. Part 1 has been split into two pages, First Contact and Millennium War. Part 2 can now be found at A Dark Dawn. Parts 3 and 4 can now be found at Sacred Sepulcher. I've set up redirects for all of these so that people can find the new pages easier.
    • The Gear Progression page has some updated information on equipment earned from quests. There are quite a few still missing which I'll add in as I update quests. I'll also eventually update the rest of the page.
    • I'm working on removing the Level 20-30 Quests, Level 31-40 Quests, etc pages. These pages have been outdated for 6 years and are being replaced with a different format for listing quests which I'm in the process of working on. I haven't made these yet so I'm listing the quests I've worked on below. The quests/quest chains are being moved into their own pages. So far, the 20-30 Quests page is the only one that has been deleted.
    • The following classic/area quest chains have been added or updated: Evernight Ruins Haunting, Missing Girl, Riding Wind, Ladywraith, Yansheng's Missing, Beautiful Chang's Mantou, A Fleeting Shadow, East Coast Emergency, Shrine of the Immort. Story
    • A lot of side quests were added and updated, but instead of listing them, here's the Side Quests category where you can see the quests because there's about 28 of them.
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