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State of Farming

yugi2390yugi2390 Posts: 68 Arc User
I'd like to know how people do their farming now.

APS vs skill tbh

Alot of people will probably say aps is still the way to go. For me aps was alot of charm ticks and useage + paying attention to what i was doing lol. Im currently now r9s3+10 armor, r9s3+11 dual axes and before i had s3n+6/7 armor and Wheel of Warfog +9. Since upgrading to either s3 set i dropped aps and just used skills because of the primal passives. From my old aps set having a s3n claw at +7 i dont seem to lose much time in farming tt or lunar in most cases id finish lunar way faster solo besides the whole physical immune stone. For those i just unequip axes use dbb put axes back on and spam drakes ray and ferocious leap for dmg. In a squad i suppose aps could be faster. Let's hear what everyone else THAT is a BM has to think on the subject. All i know is switching to DPH and having the extra hp and defs has saved on charms if they even tick at all lol.


  • jsxshadowjsxshadow Posts: 1,414 Arc User
    Aps as a BM is dead pretty much unless you manage to get your hands on a GoF G17 Set of fists/claws which is very unlikely.

    Besides, if you use the right flow of skill in combination with BMs ultimate skills, Heavens Flame and/or Glacial Spike + Tangling Mire and/or Extreme Poison then you can dish out extremely high zerkcrits. BMs lose alot of time if they just APS since any usuage of the 2 spark debuffs will cause them to run out of Trip spark and deal like no damage at all. Now if you effectively spam your skills you can further maximize the damage and deal quite a bit at that, even without using APS at all.

    APS is alot more viable for r9rr Barbs and Sins. Not so much for BMs these days.
  • yugi2390yugi2390 Posts: 68 Arc User
    Pretty much my thoughts on it, id rather spark hf mire frenzy and get those high dmg than aps these days lol
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