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[Etherblade] Buying warsoul materials

yugi2390yugi2390 Posts: 68 Arc User
I'm currently buying warsoul mats on etherblade server, cant spend alot seeing as i just came back into game recently. I have most of what I require but i am buying all mats for 200k each if people just want fast coin and are sick of looking at them. I'm not looking to turn over a weapon for profit. There's a certain veno in our clan who has severe internet issues and i called the the Make them suck less charity, so i have around another 60mil i can spend on the mats before I'm broke again and am forced to do stuff lol. If anyone would like to help you can get me on my duskblade KageNoKami, i usually wc a few times a day saying that I'm buying them in south district of archosaur.
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