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2017 Community Mount - We have our Winner!!!



  • cheats69cheats69 Posts: 86 Arc User
    iamtearsh wrote: »
    cheats69 wrote: »
    I dunno.... a female with humongous **** attached to a chain.. is a bit offensive.
    Of course I assume there will be a male counterpart with a humongous mound in between their legs also in chains will be available.

    bipedal = nope
    ancient = nope
    horns = nope
    glowing eyes = nope

    large titties = winner

    I don't know what you call this then o.o or am i just seeing things?
    A mount with big **** is offensive, but female toons with disproportional, ridiculously huge tatas are "funny" and a "troll". I guess 2017 is gonna be another year where everyone is offended by everything. God have mercy on us​​

    Clearly my sarcasm didn't go over well. I thought it would since I was asking for a male mount with a large bulge in the pant area and there was so much QQ about the mount before my post. oh well.

    Grats on the winner.. (I voted for it too)

  • sakuranyasakuranya Posts: 4 Arc User
    First place mount is not bipedal ( I would create any kind of excuse to get the prize as well ), it doesn't have horns ( crown isn't horns), no glowing eyes, it has offensive content which was supposed to be banned according to the description of the contest. Some genuinely transparent favoritism is going on, because it's design is far from professionally thought out.
    • Designs MUST contain all listed attributes ( does not )
    • All designs must be appropriate for the audience ( Clearly is not )

    Why was it even taken to the finals?
  • kalystconquerer#0876 kalystconquerer Forum Crawler Posts: 1,421 Perfect World Employee
    I'll go ahead and close this topic now, it's getting a bit out of hand and split out the remaining comments that are clogging up the thread.
This discussion has been closed.