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Weapon Buffs - Activation Rate

wishes08wishes08 Posts: 106 Arc User
While this can be considered a more general question I am more curious about veno's opinions on this as this is the charater I plan on having as my main and it has been for the past 6 years.

On the weapons r8r and r9r3 and r9r4 there is a buff on it which when activated increases speed of the veno and purifys them. My question is this... which of them has the best activation rate?

So far I have only had people say that not to go r9r4 because the activate rate on it is really bad. I am also curious on the maths behind the activations and is there a site which gives them?

Thank you for spending your time reading this post, and thank you for any reply you can give.


  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 756 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Purify spell that is.
    R9.3 is the only weapon with a good proc rate. Every other weapon with purify spell have around (? I dont really remember) half the chance of r9.3, this includes r9.4 and r8r.
    It is confirmed that r9.3 is the weapon with unique purify spell.
    The actual % chance is tested by various people, you could get on youtube and search for the seeker Eirghan, she have tested and recorded the proc rate on different weapons which gives a pretty good idea about the purify spell procs.
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