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Starter Area and Guilds on Tideswell

It has been a little over a year since I played. So what I am gathering is every race as the same starting area and it is up to level 20?

I switched severs so I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good guilds?


  • prancingprancing Posts: 143 Arc User
    Yes, everyone starts in a new area. You can have someone summon you out of it. I do not know much about it.

    As for factions I don't know too many good for low levels. Kindred seems like a nice faction family. Crush as well. I also hear vengeance is a relaxed pve faction. I'd keep those 3 in mind for long term good options.

    If you want help or need some qsm runs (think its best stuff you can get) you can pm me in game @ *Man
    Happy hunting
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