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Venomancer, underrated?

ganja126ganja126 Posts: 12 Arc User
Hello, well as the thread is asking are venomancer underrated? I heard that after mystic came out we pretty much took a down fault as to not being good at anything because well mystics were out, they dont need to tame anything and summon everything properly.

I just wanted to know, is venomancer a good class for me to keep going? i'm 56 and im liking my class but I have no plans on getting those legendary pets (the cash shop'd ones)

So, small review on the class? thanks! (from those experienced ones).


  • catgirldesucatgirldesu Fluffy Fox Posts: 993 Arc User
    edited October 2016
    Venomancers are doing quite well currently. They aren't overshadowed by Mystics at all! Venomancers are still a very good choice to play through the game. fox-25.gif
    You don't need legendary pets either, especially since at level 100 you will be able to evolve some of your pets and make them stronger.

    I suggest going through the Useful Venomancer Links.

    Although it was written in 2013 this guide is still fairly useful and good to follow until you reach endgame.
    The only things about that guide that are no longer viable is FC and TT gear (you can farm Quicksand Maze gear which I heard is better). Also, since now we have a rebirth system, you don't need to hold back on leveling. Once you rebirth you will start over at level 1 (but getting x4 the EXP) so you can catch up to anything you've missed before.

    For a quick review:
    - One of the better classes to play solo while still being useful in team play.
    - Wanted in PvE squads.
    - Can be useful in PvP even in low/cheap gear (we are a support class, our debuffs are not dependent on gear).
    - Versatile class, can be played in different ways and still be effective.
    - Although there are a couple of "preferred builds" (Pure Magic or Vit. Build arcane), you can still perform well if you choose to follow the more unique builds (Heavy Armor).
    - Has a variety of pets that can serve for different situations (more on this in the Venomancer Pet guide).

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