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Waking up the Seeker forum!

womack10womack10 Posts: 25 Arc User
This forum seems a bit slow so i figured I'd try and wake it up! It's 2016, homestead skills have been released and seekers have gained two more antistuns and an untargettability skill. What's the most use seeker skill to you?


  • dudaidudai Posts: 12 Arc User
    Seeker is suck anyway, the only class that spend insane amount of golds to competed
  • nimao20nimao20 Posts: 32 Arc User
    I like these new anti stun and the ultimate skill. But I don't really like the new last stand so I didn't take it.
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  • weapon762weapon762 GodOfMurderers Posts: 187 Arc User
    edited September 2016
    I know right I was just about to post somthing here because seeker forums are so dead, and it's seems like seeker pride has died out in favor of our duskblade cousins .

    I find alot of the new skills incredibly useful but have a bunch of flaws hindering playstyle .

    I'll list them in order of effectiveness vs upgrade.

    1. Transposition***


    (A) Seroiusly this is what this should have been all along 100% chance to proc (unless blocked by invulnerability pots genie spark or skill tidal )

    (B)Makes us untargetable (not invisible sadly) great for getting outta ganks (since seeker so weak to cc)

    (C) Can interupt bosses with it so it blocks their super attacks, also interupts players.


    (A) the cd is a bit long compared to the wiz upgrade, really needs to be a 30 sec skill that gives chi, rather than takes it , since seeker is terrible at chi production every bit helps.

    (B) does not make us unkillable while untargeted, as sombody can still chan a skill at exact moment of your casting of this still and it will still hit, furthermore if they did they can still target you regardless of your "stealth" state. You are also still affected by aoe.

    (C) not to many bosses to interupt with it so not as nessesary for pve as it is to pvp

    -The verdict -
    This is a 80% upgrade over the original
    Tweaks would include: chi production
    decreased cool down time and some added invulnerability


    This one nearly ties the first
    In ranking them .


    (A) Aoe stun can hit a group of mobs or players stunning them, this is needed for mass pvp or pve since seeker, main weakness is lack of cc.

    (B) auxiliary effect of anti stun which helps seeker other main weakness to stuns.
    Can also be reused with rewinding gesture

    Pros demon and sage

    Demon a needed upgrade since demons lack anti stuns like sages get.

    Sage adds more anti stuns to the starter arsenal of already preexisting antistuns they have with sage unfetter.

    (C) Can be used on a friendly target just to aquire anti stun status.
    In pve lots of useful effects, say vs in pve in UP dungeon vs last boss, and it sends out a clone of a boss that sends plants to stunlock u while she kills u, this can be used to block it.

    Can also be used in other ways like huge pulls in warsong or fc.

    (A) Aoe range too short, would be needed to be boosted to 12 meters so skills like dc.bolt , stalagstrike, ion and blur can be used with rapid succession with blade affinity, making a fast aoe nuke range when not enough chi to vortex.

    (B) costs a spark and anti stun does not block silence or silence related effects, so it's not exaclty an upgrade vs psy if they silence you , with soul of silence combo.

    (C) Does not block paralocking , but tbh not much does, its still no matter, seeker vs db you should be tanking the paralysis skills and fortifying (to block that next stun that us not a paralysis stun skill, to QPQing the debuff to using metals skills to killing the db.

    *Using fortify to block any skill they use that does not paralysis that they use to stun.
    *Db is weak vs Metal skills, and close range stunlock genie skills like occult ice, this can be used in place of Voidstep, since now the db is locked down longer and it's more insta cast then void is, which you need to be 1 meter away from target to cast.

    The verdict

    A good upgrade 60% bad 40%

    seekers are terrible at chi production
    so, every single time you use chi related skills it takes 2x as long to require the chi necessary to use other chi related
    skills, and loss of chi is loss of strategy on a seekers part , since alot of our proc /debuffs are chance related and you cannot fully rely on them and it limits our options.

    *Void step should be instead changed to a paralysis skill with the aoe part of the stun being a stun only effect, knocking down the target and aoeing the rest in splash effect .
    This is our most reliable stun method so the cd should be instead 30 sec.

    (3) Ultimate skill avatar of blade ***

    Third on the list simply because of the ability how many times you can use it.


    (A) Has 2 forms, and the second upgrade is 20 sec long has a anti stun, an increase of weapon damage 200% and 50% more speed

    (B) Seroiuslly OP, 20 sec for all those things, will be even better with the 500% upgraded version we will gain on the expasion later this year.
    It stacks with 3 spark, and is a necessary improvement since seeker lacks damage or any cc to make up the damage when you do not have cc available.

    (C) gets u outta ganks , with anti stun +speed boost.


    (A) Has a pretty long cd, so cannot be spammed.

    (B) cannot be used to block paralysis skills

    (C) still affected by silence and silence orientated combos

    (D) somewhat easy to circumvent by disarming during this skill meaning your extra power boost is useless.

    (E) Your like 100 feet tall so people can see u a mile away , rather silly animation when somthing like an Corona of power or somthing would have sufficed.

    The verdict

    40% good 60% bad

    Just too many ways to circumvent this skill from being able to use it.

    Would benefit more from this skill if:
    - instead it reset your cool downs on unfetter, transposition, void step and rewinding gesture.
    -give you 2 sparks .
    - let your three spam skills have rock/stagger/battousai have additional 20% chance to paralyze.
    - let u use skills without needing chi for 20 sec.

    *Seeker needs damage but utility is what we lack to get out of situations , and any combination of preexisting effects and any other effects as stated above , would truly make this feel like an ultimate move .

    Last Stand ***

    This is a very short list of strengths due to a typo on the skill it self, it works no where near as intended, so this is number 4 and the very last you should get.

    (A) this skill is an upgrade from the original skills in which you can activate it at any time , and it stays on you like a "deaden"buff once you go under 40% hp it will automatically activate.


    (A) Since it's a misprint it means the anti stun that your normally get to use only when your under 40% hp is not present and will not activate , unless you used this skill in its original manner , (under 40%).

    (B) since it has to be under 40 % this skill can double tick your charms , also it cannot be used in its original manner (to get the antistuns to work) if you have a charm on since charms activate at a higher hp % meaning sombody has to charm bypass you (normally this happens on ganks) to even get the hp regeneration portion of the skill to work (it's a mess).

    This means if sombody keeps attacking you now your charm is bypassed and now last Stand let u tick again for 3 times in total and your STILL gonna die if your focused fired .

    The verdict

    This is a masterpiece of failure .

    To fix this skill:
    - set the range higher at 70% hp to activate and reduce cd time this way it can actually be used with a charm
    -give us sparks like cornered beast does
    -give us a damage reduction boost like invoke does , its a "last Stand " so its that should be like a last wind or bezerker state
    That should give us defense levels , increased skill damage or somthing of the like.
    -let the skill be used as how deaden nerves works
    -let the skill work as it was written so it works similar to faith , purifying us even while locked and anti stun after to block more stuns .
    Post edited by weapon762 on
    Vae Victis.
  • womack10womack10 Posts: 25 Arc User
    I really like all these suggestions, especially for last stand. I was kinda bummed that they lost the anti stun so this skill seems like kind of a let down besides the fact it can be used while we are stunned.
  • weapon762weapon762 GodOfMurderers Posts: 187 Arc User
    Vae Victis.
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